Siya releases new video “D.Y.K.E.” feat Tank

Siya releases new video “D.Y.K.E.” feat Tank – Kelly J Newson

Coming from humbled beginnings, born in California but raised in Brooklyn. Siya fell in love with hip hop at a young age. It was hearing Bone Thugs N Harmony that influenced her to want to rap. Though she was young and couldn’t fully understand what they were saying. Still it was that early influence that pushed Siya to want to be a MC.

Now as she preps to release her third mixtape “D.Y.K.E.” you can expect to hear tracks that will blow her previous mixtapes out the water. “D.Y.K.E.” is that mixtape every hip hop fan is going to want to have. Siya brings her best on “D.Y.K.E.” and stays true to who she is in the process.

Today Siya released her latest single and video “D.Y.K.E” featuring R&B hit maker Tank with visuals by Mike Ho. “D.Y.K.E” can be seen at

Siya is set to release her highly anticipated new mixtape “D.Y.K.E.” (“Damn You Killin’ ‘Em”) on November 12th on

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