Tampa, Florida: Hulk Hogan Filed Two Lawsuits seeking $100 Million in Damages [Video]

Moments ago Hulk Hogan announced in at a Tampa, Florida news conference that he has filed two lawsuits; one against Bubba the Love Sponge and his ex-wife for illicitly recording Hulk without his permission, and another against Gawker for publishing the tape. See video below.

TMZ has learned through Hogan’s attorney that his suit against Gawker seeks $100 million in damages. According to the TMZ website it’s unclear what the ex-wrestler seeks from Bubba and his ex, Heather Clem.

Hogan’s attorney states that Bubba and co.’s involvement was “illegal, outrageous, and exceeded the bounds of human decency,” according to TMZ.

Hogan’s attorney, David R. Houston added that in addition to the wrestler seeking damaged, Hulk wants any and all who are in possession of footage to turn it over to him so that it can be destroyed. Furthermore, Hogan will go after anyone who republishes the footage with a vengeance.

Contributor D. Chandler

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