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Written/Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson

Following the serious butt-kicking Obama received in the first debate against Mitt Romney, the President’s campaign team has a new strategy. The previous election theme was Obama’s “Give everyone a fair shot”-brand of Communism. The new theme is “Everything Romney says is a lie.” That’s ironic considering Obama’s whole life is based on a lies…

Obama’s autobiography “Dreams of My Father” – filled with fantasy and composite characters and then sold as fact.
Obama’s citizenship.
Obama’s socialism.
Obama’s religion – clearly Muslim. Covered-up with Christianity, aided by his black radical Pastor Jeremiah Wright whom Obama disavowed and then tried to silence with hush money.
Obama’s forgotten friends – Bill Ayers (domestic terrorist), Tony Rezko (BHO’s jailed $ bag-man) and Khalid al-Monsour (an Islamic extremist who raised money for Obama’s Harvard Law School.)

Two days after the first debate, the Dept. of Labor announced that unemployment had gone down from 8.1% to 7.8%. What a coincidence! Just in time to save our President! Those numbers don’t reflect people who have given up and dropped out of the work force.
Obama’s scarce accomplishments during his first term include the propping up of Chrysler. Anyone who knows anything about cars knows Chrysler brought itself down by producing bad cars in the ’00 decade.
The killing of Osama bin Laden (if you believe the gov’t version) was dropped into Obama’s lap. He has received much of the credit, but did nothing except go along with the plan.
ObamaCare, i.e. socialized health care is Pres. O’s biggest endeavor. I’ll touch on one subject – that is, the handpicked board of “professionals” Obama wants to “save funding.” The reality – if you’re old and have a terminal disease – ObamaCare ends your treatment. In other words, you’re dead.
Desperation Time. Obama pretty much thought the 2012 General Election was a slam-dunk. Maybe it was until the first debate opened people’s eyes. Now, Obama has unmasked himself as the snobby, pseudo-intellectual, far-left fraud he truly is.
The Obama campaign has slipped into desperation mode. That’s why you, the public, are going to see at least one (and probably more) exposés on Romney-Ryan in the final weeks where Team Obama will say or do anything to keep their man in the White House.
If I were advising Gov. Romney, I would stick to this message: What is more important? Your political party or the future of this country? What comes first for Obama? What’s good for America or what’s good for himself?
Obama has played kick-the-can with the economy, shelving it until next year, because, “Hey, I’ll be re-elected by then and I don’t give a ****.”
When the Arab world is in turmoil, when Iran nears nuclear power, when Israel faces extinction and when our embassies go up in flames, how does Obama react? What does he do? He campaigns, blaming it all on an obscure video on YouTube. Obama and Hillary even attempted to have this video (“The Innocence of Muslims”) removed. Google-YouTube refused. Is this who you want for President? (Including his heir apparent?)
Shamelessly, Team Obama has used a lot of scare tactics on women, even throwing out a new, unforgiveable slogan, “Vote like your lady parts depend on it.” Incredible. Have you no shame?
Since Obama never met an abortion he didn’t like, I would ask him, “What if abortion had been legal when your mother was pregnant?” Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham a.k.a. Mrs. Obama was a feminist, an atheist and a Communist who had no aspiration to be Mother of the Year. She had baby Obama because she had to, meaning there would be no Barack Hussein Obama if Ms. Dunham had been “pro-choice”.

Benghazi-gate continues…
One month prior to the 9/11 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, the security team was withdrawn. When the occupants of the embassy complained, the State Dept. offered hazard-pay. Even a request for barbed-wire was turned down because it doesn’t look nice.
Another White House fairy tale: the FBI was not allowed to investigate and examine the embassy because it was “too dangerous to go there.” In that wasted month, the embassy was looted and important evidence was ruined. The Obama Administration wants this foreign policy disaster to just go away. Obama mouths empty words of “bringing those responsible to justice.” The only justice BHO cares about is his “social justice” of Marxism.
Fall guy Susan Rice (U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.) was told to go on nearly every news show on television, blaming our second 9/11 on that YouTube video. Who sent her and why?
Pres. Obama voiced this false YouTube video theory on “The David Letterman Show”. Why would the White House cover-up the fact that terrorists fire-bombed our embassy? Two reasons…
One. The Obama Administration doesn’t want to disturb the idea that al-Qaeda was somehow vanquished after the death of bin Laden.
Two. Obama is a sympathizer to radical Islam. In his mind, he sees the United States as occupiers and colonists who trample all over the world, “starting” wars in Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.
While I don’t think Obama wanted Ambassador Chris Stevens to die, he is probably more upset about his chances for re-election being jeopardized.

VP Debate – The Laughter of Fools
With America falling apart at the seams, Vice-President Joe Biden snickered for one hour while Congressman Paul Ryan tried to talk. Yes, I guess Democrats can laugh all their way down to hell. The low-point of the debate was when Biden said “we” didn’t know extra security was needed in the U.S.-Libyan Embassy. If not, why not? Obama/Biden are passing blame down to the State Dept., namely Secretary of State Hillary “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Clinton.

In Conclusion – In 2008, many people voted for a mirage. We’re in the desert now and water is running out. Don’t throw your vote away out of pride, just to prove to yourself that your first vote wasn’t a mistake.
Vote Romney.

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    absolute nonsense

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