Sunday Football Wrap-up answers question: Is Mark Sanchez worthy of becoming a professional quarterback?

Sunday Sports Wrap-up

By James Turnage:

When Mark Sanchez decided to declare himself eligible for the NFL draft in 2009, I said “why”? What has he done to make him worthy of becoming a professional quarterback? He was a quarterback at USC for two years, and they did nothing with him leading the team. He had a good arm as did a lot of college quarterbacks, but that doesn’t guarantee that you can do the same in the pros. Then he became the number 5 pick. He continues to disappoint his fans. Yesterday the Jets were crushed at home by the Dolphins 30-9.

Another quarterback who can’t win is Tony Romo. The Giants at Cowboys was billed as the game of the week. If you enjoy watching an ineffective offense, maybe it was. The second half got better for a while. Romo actually completed passes to his own team and it got close. With a couple of minutes left, Dallas was 5 points behind and moving down the field. With seconds left Dez Bryant caught what appeared to be the winning touchdown. A review showed his fingers were out of the end zone. With one second left, Romo rolled out to his left and threw the ball into the stands, taking away any chance for his team to catch the ball. I think he failed his IQ test.

The Chargers were at the Cleveland Browns. When the game was over, the final score was 7-6. I thought the excitement would never stop. Philip Rivers continued to prove he is not a winner.

The St. Louis Rams had to travel to London to play a home game against the New England Patriots. It was a sad exhibition of football to show to our neighbors “across the pond”. The Rams were crushed by the Patriots, final 45-7.

The Philadelphia Eagles were coming off their bye week. The Atlanta Falcons were coming to town. Andy Reid’s Eagles never lose after a bye week. The Falcons are a dome team, and have had trouble winning in less than perfect weather. “Matty Ice” and the Falcons had no trouble taking control of the game and winning 30-17.

I won’t criticize the Washington Redskins and RGIII. They had to go to Pittsburgh and play the Steelers. Griffin’s team did drop some passes, but overall it was Big Ben’offense and the Pittsburgh defense playing an excellent game on both sides of the ball which produced the win.

Games that were competitive were few. The Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions was one of them. With 20 seconds left Matthew Stafford connected on a short touchdown pass to win the game at home.

The other game was the Carolina Panthers at the Chicago Bears. Although the Panthers lost, the game was competitive. The final score was 23-22.

The Colts and Titans were fun, but only for their fans. Neither team is going to have much success this year. The final was Indianapolis 19, Tennessee 13.

In other games, the Green Bay Packers cruised, defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-15 at home. The Oakland Raiders dominated the sadly outmatched Kansas City Chiefs 26-16. In the night game the New Orleans Saints defense had no answer for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The Broncos won 34-14 at home.

I saved the worst for last. Thankfully another miserable baseball season is over. Only the San Francisco Giants fans could have enjoyed the World Series. The Detroit Tigers allowed themselves to get swept in four games. Baseball is boring enough, I hoped to see at least one game that made my blood pressure rise a couple of points. The game needs changes. This is the 21st century.

The great thing about the NFL is that even in a game where one team dominates the other there are usually moments for both teams that make it worth watching. I can’t say that about baseball. I just don’t understand how it happens that when a team has to play at least 169 games to get to the World Series, they can’t manage to give 100% effort. The season is way too long. The only good thing about going to a baseball game, or watching at home is that you probably won’t miss anything if you take a bathroom break.

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