Taylor Swift, not just talented and attractive, she’s a triple threat

It doesn’t take a sharp eye to notice that Taylor Swift is attractive, but if you’ve got more between the eyes than simply your nose, one’s attractiveness will measurably increase. A halfway decent looking person, male or female increases their sex appeal by emanating intelligent essence through speech, and action. And if you already have good looks to begin with, combining it with an impressive intellect would significantly enhance one’s attractiveness and make you a double threat. That being the case, I would say that Taylor Swift is not a double threat; she’s actually a triple threat. Why? because along with the attributes I’ve just mentioned, Swift is loaded. In others words, the pop star is rich, and the fact that she didn’t inherit her wealth but rather earned it makes the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer that much more attractive, as number don’t lie. Moreover to ascertain the sales numbers she has amassed you better believe one has to have an impressive brain.

If you don’t believe this triple threat has an impressive brain just take a look at how she plans to sell “Red.”

With the Six-time Grammy Award winner’s highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Red, arriving in stores on October 22nd, Taylor has first engineered several national TV appearances to coincide with the release week.

What’s more, the 22-year-old has managed to organize a select group of Twitter followers and Facebook friends to join her in New York, where they will literally “follow” her during her release week events, providing live updates to millions of fans around the world via social media postings. Taylor currently has more than 19.7 million Twitter followers and 34.9 million Facebook likes.

If music moguls are not watching this ingenious maneuver, they will miss out on learning how to market artist in the new social media communication age. The singer is a one women marketing machine.

It’s a no holds barred media blitz. Taylor will be live in Times Square for ABC’s “Good Morning America” on both October 22nd and 23rd (7:00 a.m. ET/PT), and on the 23rd she will be the lead guest and perform on “The Late Show with David Letterman” (11:35 ET/PT on CBS).

On the 24th Taylor will be live on ABC’s “The View” for a performance and chat, and on the 25th she will make a special concert appearance on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

On the 26th, she will guest on ABC’s “Katie” with Katie Couric, and that same evening she will be featured on ABC’s “All Access Nashville with Katie Couric – A Special Edition of 20/20” primetime special (9:00 ET/PT).

Also, the week of October 22nd will be “Taylor Swift Week” on “Entertainment Tonight,” and Taylor will also be interviewed next week on “Access Hollywood,” “E! News,” and “Extra.”

In addition to her TV appearances that week, Taylor will sit down for a live Q&A session with an audience at the Sirius XM studios in New York. “Sirius XM’s Town Hall with Taylor Swift” will air live on The Highway on October 22nd at 2:00 pm ET. And, on the 24th, Taylor will visit Scholastic’s New York headquarters, where she will again this year take time out from her busy release week schedule for a special literacy event as part of their “Read Every Day” literacy campaign.

After the New York media events, Taylor will return to Nashville, where she’ll take part in the Taylor Swift Worldwide Radio Remote presented by Papa John’s. With 72 stations broadcasting live from Music City on Friday, October 26th, the radio event will cover four formats–Country, CHR, Hot AC, AC–and five continents, with stations from as far away as South Africa and New Zealand. In addition, Taylor Swift fans are fully engaged in the launch of Red, with more than 300 radio contest winners receiving VIP experiences at several of Taylor’s media stops.

Taylor is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone’s current Hot List issue, as well as on the November covers of Glamour and Marie Claire UK.

Red is already making huge inroads at both radio and retail. Individual digital paid song download sales have already exceeded 3.8 million, and the album’s lead single, “”We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has been officially certified Double Platinum. “Never Ever” spent 3 weeks at #1 atop Billboard’s all-genre Hot 100 chart, topped the iTunes charts in 32 countries, and set a new record for the biggest digital sales week ever for a female artist. In addition, four more songs from Red, “Begin Again,” “Red,” “I Knew You Were Trouble.” and “State of Grace” have been released on iTunes, with exclusive previews on “Good Morning America,” and all topped the all-genre iTunes charts within hours of release.

Swift blends the best of old and new school marketing. Yes, she’s a tireless self-promoter but she relentlessly takes advantage of numerous physical and digital channels to get her message out. Whether it’s talk shows, airports, Target or her ubiquitous presence on the social media landscape, Ms. Swift uses all channels to her advantage, rewarding her fans with accessibility, information and approachability. The lesson: Transparency, adaptability and presence matter when building a fan base of millions.

There’s a tremendous amount of real innovation happening out there and Taylor Swift is leading the charge in music. Check out what’s she’s up to and you’ll find her marketing sense is as dead-on as her ability to write a hit single.

That said, swift is clearly a triple threat; you don’t have to believe me, the evidence says it all. In fact, the term triple threat is probably an understatement, because she’s not only attractive, intelligent and wealthy, she’s musically gifted and possesses a generous portion of common sense. She knows that without her fans, she would be nothing. Moreover, she genuinely loves to hear from fans and connect with them.

Her young age may have actually given her an advantage. The vast majority of her fans belong in the same age bracket; so Swift knows what they think about, what they are going through, and can easily communicate with her admirers.

I don’t believe the market is replete with triple threats for the choosing. In fact, one would be quite naïve to set dating standards on the parameters of a triple threat. Nonetheless, it’s quite exciting when you see someone that actually possesses qualities, which make them a triple threat.

Contributor D. Chandler

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    Its all marketing.

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  3. Buck   October 21, 2012 at 5:20 am

    Ummm… How about actually being able to sing? I’m old fashioned!


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