The NRA and our cowardly legislators transforms us into a nation of hypocrites

Why Don’t We Care?

By James Turnage:

Three women were murdered in a hair salon in central Florida today, and nobody really cares. Hundreds of innocent people are butchered every year by citizens of our country brandishing hand guns, and/or assault rifles. The NRA and our cowardly legislators fearing the lack of support by their members when they are up for re-election, consider it unimportant. The tragedy in Aurora, Colorado has all but been forgotten. The right wing and the NRA continue to tell us that the easy access to weapons designed to kill only human beings has no bearing in these deaths.

When a political figure, a police officer, or a celebrity is murdered, the story is on the news for weeks and vengeance is vowed. The killer must be found. When a rich white teenager was allegedly murdered on an island while her parents were home in the U.S. on a high school graduation trip, we heard about it for almost a year. When a crazed man attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, it was several week’s news. When John Lennon was murdered by a cowardly, deranged young man, it was headline news.

I’m not insinuating in any way that these were not important. But the reality is that we are a nation of hypocrites. Important people who lose their lives are better news and better advertising revenue than an average citizen’s demise.

Those of us who expect to live lives long enough to enjoy our family in our ‘golden years’, and stay out of what we believe might be imminent danger, have a right to experience that hope. We shouldn’t fear going to a movie, having our hair done, or going to our classes at the university.

I have personally known people that were killed by angry family or former family members with hand guns. I have never known someone who defended themselves from an assault with a hand gun or assault rifle. The numbers of innocent citizens killed by guns yearly in this country is abominable. But, as I said, no one cares.

Gun nuts cite our second amendment to the Constitution. I believe in it to the depths of my soul. But it never foresaw the lethal weapons we have today. Our founding fathers never expected that a lunatic who was heavily armed would murder normal citizens attending a movie and witness them leaving in a body bag. They had one shot rifles and pistols. Stop quoting stupid slogans and spouting irrational statements.

If we continue to ignore this issue, there is only one solution. Arm everyone. Let’s say from the age of 12 we give everyone a gun and allow them to carry it openly. It’s only fair. I don’t think the NRA would disagree with this, they would enjoy the carnage.

The word most often spoken by politicos is freedom. I believe it is what our country is all about. Freedom to me means I should be allowed to go about my daily humdrum existence and not fear being shot in the head by a lunatic with a gun. I think I am as important as any celebrity or elected official. Why doesn’t our government believe the same?

3 Responses to "The NRA and our cowardly legislators transforms us into a nation of hypocrites"

  1. Mike   October 21, 2012 at 5:22 am

    I just don’t want to be the only one without a gun .

  2. iSocialTiger (@iSocialTiger)   October 20, 2012 at 2:44 am

    In the areas where everyone IS armed, very little gun violence actually happens. I’m with the Spaceman.

    James? Have you ever noticed that gun violence always seems to happen to UN-armed people, in places where the “lunatic with a gun” has a clear understanding that HE will be the only person in the area, with a gun?

    Schools and other places with signs clearly marked which say “Dear Armed Lunatic, this is a Safe Place for you to Not get shot back at!”

    Just hang out with me, friend. I’m almost always armed, and I’ve never shot anyone who didn’t deserve it. I AM someone you can now say you know, who has thwarted violence by drawing a loaded weapon.

    Feel better yet, James? We can go see “2016 Obama’s America” together, or something. All manner of safe.

  3. Spaceman   October 19, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    I’m OK with arming everyone. Let’s do it.


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