Voter ID: Pennsylvania Judge Defers Anti-Vote Law

By James Turnage

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson has removed the requirement for voter identification until after November 6th. He made his decision for two reasons. He felt that the photo ID’s were not being issued as quickly as they should have been. Secondly his opinion is that the requirement would not be any more effective in preventing voter fraud than the system now in place.

Several states have decided to require photo ID at the polls. Democrats have claimed that this is merely another effort by Republicans to make it more difficult for the poor and minorities to vote. In metropolitan areas thousands of Hispanic and African American voters use the city bus as transportation. They do not have driver’s licenses. Some African American churches use their buses to transport voters to and from the polls.

There is no doubt that the white, Republican, right wing is behind this movement. In 2008, the number of cases of voter fraud committed was 16. That’s correct. Out of tens of millions of votes cast only 16 cases were proven. And for what reason would someone want to cast a fraudulent vote? What would they gain personally by committing a crime and risking even a small chance of being discovered? And one vote means nothing in a general election. One vote only counts in congress and the Supreme Court.

Until the year 2000, I was an independent. I voted for candidates from both sides of the aisle, and I voted for candidates from a third party. Republican politics and some of their party’s nominees pushed me over to the left side of the aisle. As I have aged, I more carefully dissect policies, platforms, and public statements. And as I watched the political right move their platform more and more away from the middle towards the extreme right, I was no longer able to “sit on the fence”, to be independent. Not one Republican presidential candidate, senatorial candidate, or House of Representatives candidate has had one new idea. Not one single piece of legislation to advance the working class has been proposed from the right side of the aisle. There have been multiple efforts to strike down laws which aid our lower and middle income citizens, they’re good at that. Beginning with Ronald Reagan, every Republican President has practiced the same failed policy, “trickle down”, or “supply side” economics. The wealthy do not create jobs in the United States. We all know that.

Romney says he will ‘create 12 million new jobs in 4 years’. Where are they coming from? Is he going to beg his super rich friends to bring their factories and therefore jobs back to American shores? If not, tell me, just give me one clue where they will be coming from. It’s easy to release hot air from your mouth. It’s time to put up or shut up.