Casper College Faculty Member Killed in Bow and Arrow Type Shooting

Casper, Wyoming – According to reports, there has been a tragic bow and arrow type shooting on the campus of Wyoming’s Casper College resulting in the loss of life for 3 persons and another person has been seriously wounded. A college spokesperson said that he believes that the shooter is dead.

Police found a male faculty member dead and a second person seriously injured. That person was taken into custody and may be a suspect.

An updated report now indicates that Police told NBC station KCWY of Casper that two of the bodies were found on campus. One appeared to be a male faculty member, and the other appeared to be of “student age,” Fujita said. The third body was found off campus.

Casper College spokesman Rich Fujita says the shooting happened around 9 a.m. Friday.

Fujita says the campus has been locked down and students are advised to stay in their present location until the all clear sign is given by police.

Fujita says he had no additional information, including how the attack happened and who was killed.

Casper College is a two-year community college in Wyoming’s second-largest city. Casper, population 56,000, is about 250 miles northwest of Denver.

Wyoming residents refer to Casper as the “Oil City” because it’s a hub for the state’s small oil industry.

The city is flanked to the south by Casper Mountain, scene of a massive wildfire in September that burned more than 24 square miles of forest and meadows and destroyed 37 homes and cabins.

The school has a small security team on campus, but they’re not armed.

“It’s such a small town that Casper police is very close,” Fujita said.


He said police found a male faculty member dead and a second person seriously injured. That person was taken into custody and may be a suspect.

Police indicated the weapon was a “bow and arrow type,” Fujita said.

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  1. Casper College Student Luc   December 1, 2012 at 5:50 am

    Reports state that there were two weapons used in this tragedy The first was a bow-and-arrow type weapon, and the other was a machete type weapon. According to a student, who was in the room at the time, the “shooter” for lack of a better term, walked in, and shot the Professor point blank in the head with this bow and arrow weapon. The Professor stood up, and was screaming for help, when the shooter grabbed a hold of him, and started stabbing the professor in the back of the neck, or upper back area with this machete type weapon. The shooter then turned to the students, and stated “See you all in hell” and then stabbed himself with his machete, and survived, so he slit his own throat. The police were notified of this at 09:08 A.M. MST. Shortly before the incident at the school, there was a woman who was stabbed on the 3700 – 3900 block of Hawthorne in Casper, mere minutes drive from the college campus. The type of weapon has not been verified other than a “Sharp edged weapon” according to a press release held at 1300 MST at the college, were college representatives, and Casper Police Chief had the opportunities to speak. The police were notified of this at approximately 09:08 A.M. MST.
    As of 01:00 A.M. Saturday, December 1, 2012, police were still working at both scenes.

    In respect of the Professor, and the families directly related, I will not release the names of the victims.


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