Chanting “death to America” Iranians demonstrators mark 33 year US Embassy seizure anniversary

In a stunning display of hate and defience thousands of Iranians chant “death to America” while burning US flags to mark the 33 years anniversary since Tehran US Embassy seizure. The demonstrators, marking the Day of Struggle against Global Arrogance, have issued a resolution at the end of demonstrations, emphasizing on the role of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in the shaping of the awakening movements in the region and within the US community and Europe.

According to IRIB World Service, the resolution pointed out that 13th of the Iranian month of Aban is a reminder of fateful developments in the history of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, each of which unfold a new chapter in the relentless struggles of the Iranian nation against the criminal US.

The demonstrators in this resolution emphasized that national unity, and compliance with Velayat-e Faqih and the prudent guidelines of the Leader of Islamic Revolution is the reason behind the failure of the satanic conspiracies and plots of the enemies of Islamic Iran; and secures solutions to the challenges that the Islamic Revolution and the sacred Islamic system face ahead.

The resolution pinpointed that the grand Iranian nation continues to consider the US as the Great Satan and its arch enemy, while the Iranian people hail and praise the anti-arrogance movements of the world nations; and strongly condemn the heinous crimes of the White House and its allies in deployment of troops to Islamic countries and hatching plots against Lebanon and Hezbollah; the Global Arrogance support for the anti-Iran MKO terrorist outfit; and the US and its allies support for terrorist operations against the Syrian government and nation.

The demonstrators also emphasized on the need for the solidarity of Islamic Ummah, while calling on the competent international tribunals to seriously investigate the crimes of US statesmen and to punish them for their ominous and anti-human acts.

Meanwhile, during these demonstrations, the Head of Basij Mobilization Forces, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, in a speech, referred to US crimes in the course of history, while adding that these crimes continue to this day and the US involvement in incidents in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bahrain is completely evident.


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One Response to "Chanting “death to America” Iranians demonstrators mark 33 year US Embassy seizure anniversary"

  1. Paul Felix Schott   November 2, 2012 at 8:00 pm


    Iran Has for years sponsored the wicked and terrorist it is always up to no good as many of its leaders of the lost lead more people to make Threats like its Prophet Mohammad just did telling others around the world it is threatening others and asking again for its people to do violent harm and more non-peaceful protests.

    HAS IRAN EVER ASK FOR PEACEFUL BEHAVIOR FROM ALL THE MONEY IT GIVES terrorist organizations in the last 30 years ?

    Iran want all to have a Qur’an and no one to have a Bible.

    There is but one Lord God and the day will come soon enough for all

    read the truth from the words of our Lord The Bible.

    and may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ guide and watch over you.

    Look for Peace not War hate is what the devil and wicked want you to do, not are Lord GOD.

    All that believe in One Lord GOD will look to help others not hate one another and make war.

    The day of JUDGEMENT will come for all soon enough for GOD to Judge.

    The devil tells the wicked and lost to judge others, OUR Lord GOD tell us to be kind and helpful to others.

    Do not let the Wicked or devil mislead you open your Bible and read it while you still can.

    The Lord’s Little Helper

    Paul Felix Schott


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