Dangerous 6.6 Earthquake Violently Rocks Central Myanmar and Bangkok [Video Report]

Video Report of Earthquake in Myanmar Below

A strong and dangerous 6.7 earthquake violently rocked central Myanmar on Sunday November 11, 2012 .

A U.S. Geographical Survey map shows the location of a 6.6 magnitude earthquake.

The U.S. Geographical Survey said the epicenter of the 6.6-magnitude quake hit at 7:42 a.m. local time and was about 17 miles east of Shwebo, or 72 miles northwest of Mandalay, and 6 miles underground.

A second quake estimated at 5.0 magnitude struck about 20 minutes later about 50 miles northwest of Mandalay, USGS reported.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

According to Reuters news residents from Mandalay, the second biggest commercial city in central Myanmar, told Reuters that they felt a very strong tremor.

One resident is reported to having said; “I’ve never felt such strong tremor. I also heard some loud noises and the light went out. No idea about the damage.”

Residents in Bangkok, the capital of neighboring Thailand, also said they felt the quake.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not issue any tsunami warnings.

Geographers and witnesses report that the quake lasted 2 minutes in duration.

One witness in Bangkok reports “I live in a high rise building on the 30th floor. The shake was very noticeable and seemed to have last longer than previous ones. My cat felt it a few seconds before it started. The windows shields moved vigorously and there were slight noises from the ceiling but nothing fell.”

In Chiang Mai another witness said: “I am on the 10th floor of a condo building, was sitting on my bed, building swayed for approximate 15-30 seconds. Strongest quake I’ve ever experienced (out of 4). No need for coffee this morning!”

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