Does Anyone Believe Taylor Swift kicked Conor Kennedy to the Curb?

The Guardian Express usually keeps up with stories involving Taylor Swift, especially articles that pertain to the pop star’s relationship status with Conor Kennedy. So when we first heard that the couple had split, our intuition suggested something just wasn’t quite right.

Following our instinct, we decided to take a look at some of the published articles describing the split and the evidence they used to support their claims. After reading the “National Enquirer,” one of the primary sources for the story, we couldn’t find a shred of real evidence among the few paragraphs that summed up its claim. With so little evidence on hand, our curiosity has prompted us to ask; did anyone really believe Taylor Swift had kicked Conor Kennedy to the curb?

Let us spell it out for you, if you’re looking for reliable information about a celebrity or anything else for that matter, the “National Enquirer” is perhaps the last place you want to look.

In late September the tabloid reported that Taylor Swift was anxious to marry Conor Kennedy. In fact part of their headlines read, Swift was “Anxious enough to spirit her teen lover off to Las Vegas to elope!”

The online version went on to claim that the newspaper possessed the “latest stunning news about the romance that has rocked the Kennedy family since the two hooked up over the summer. Already, Taylor can’t stand to be apart from her boy toy,” as the picture they painted seemed to be utter nonsense.

“She’s sent a private jet to whisk Conor from his home in Massachusetts to her side in Nashville and later flew north to see him near his posh prep school,” the Enquirer reported. “‘Taylor is absolutely obsessed with the idea of becoming a Kennedy wife,’” according to one of their sources.

Then one month later the “National Enquirer” publishes a different story titled “Kennedy-Swift Splitsville.” Now how’s that for a couple that one month ago was about to elope to Las Vegas.

On November 2, 2012, “National Enquirer” once again published another Swift-Kennedy article, claiming the mega star had kicked 18-year-old boyfriend Conor Kennedy to the curb, telling Conor that he was bad for her career.

Not only is their story suspect, recent evidence suggests their relationships is as healthy as it has ever been, and therefore, the tabloid has simply stepped into fantasy land bringing their devoted readers along for the ride.

Published reports describing Conor as devastated over Swift choosing her career over love is apparently not authentic as we could not find any evidence to back such a claim. Merely a cursory reading of the “Enquirer’s” report, arguably exposed the tabloid’s deliberate attempt to either deceive its readers or much worse, allow its unnamed sources to deceive them. Any of these choices are totally unacceptable as they clash with the principles that govern the reporting and circulation of the news.

I found one line in particular to be quite revealing as it appears to demonstrate the tabloid’s ignorance. In reference to Conor, it states that “the bottom line is the poor kid is heartsick over the breakup. He believed they were headed to the altar.” On it’s face value, this statement just doesn’t ring true.

Recent reports seem to support the idea that the couple may not have split after all. The “New York Post” reports: “it’s not completely over between Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy.”

In the same article, the “Post” reveals; Swift and Kennedy have been speaking by phone. In addition, the 22-year-old singer has remained fairly close to the Kennedy family. According to the newspaper, Swift has been invited to attend the RFK party on December 3rd, where she will be honored by the clan.

Further evidence that the relationship has not yet ended can be found in TMZ, which reports that Swift is continuing with plans to purchase a $4.5 million real estate property close to the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. Reportedly, the property is across the street from Ethel Kennedy. This fact surely lowers possibility that the two lovebirds have parted ways. What reason would Swift have for wanting to be that close to an ex-boyfriend?

If in fact, Taylor and Conor have maintained an uninterrupted relationship, and yet have allowed media outlets to report news of a split, I can only guess, there’s a good reason behind their need to create a ruse.

The most obvious grounds for the couple to want to keep their relationship underneath the radar is probably because of the distraction it may present to Conor and his studies at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. It’s feasible that his instructors noticed a slight distraction during his first weeks of school, and therefore notified his family. Having Swift as a girlfriend has surely stirred up concern surrounding Conor’s education. Thus, it’s easy to imagine the utility of a story that declares Swift has ended the relationship.

Such an arrangement could reasonably explain why both, Swift and Kennedy, will be in the same place together on December 3. If the couple were no longer seeing each other, the appearance would certainly be awkward to say the least.

When you consider these conditions, it is much easier to put some of the other rumored stories surrounding the pop star into their proper perspective.

Like recent rumors suggesting Swift might be dating Harry Styles, the story perfectly fits the image Swift would prefer to project to cover up her relationship with Conor.

While the Styles rumor is likely not true, I would argue that the singer would rather not deny the reports because they strengthens the idea she is no longer seeing Kennedy.

The Harry Styles rumor is not unlike the “National Enquirer’s” article in that they both seem to be negatively passing judgment on the way Swift treats men. These stories suggests Swift is a heartless person who kicks her ex-lovers to the curb when it’s convenient.

Comments describing Swift as kicking Conor to the curb clearly reveals the absurdity of these claims; and strongly leads me to believe that no one else fell for them either.

3 Responses to "Does Anyone Believe Taylor Swift kicked Conor Kennedy to the Curb?"

  1. Roman   November 11, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Thank you for the info, Nancy. This was a good read.

  2. Nancy Usa   November 11, 2012 at 1:02 am

    The National Enquirer has always been a joke, its stories fodder for laughter at the grocery checkout line. Unfortunately because of the Internet, their absurd tales are picked up by other gossip sites and go viral, spread so widely that their lies are believed to be the truth. A couple of facts: Ms. Swift was named recipient of the award she will receive in Dec. many months before she ever met Conor. Also, Conor Kennedy does not live in the house across the street from the home Taylor bought, it is the home of his grandmother, Ethel Kennedy. Conor does not even live in Hyannis Port, the exclusive enclave where Ms. Swift’s real estate is located. She was able to buy the very desirable property for millions less than its original asking price–an excellent investment.


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