Flash Fire At U.S. State Department Building Injures 4 People

State Department Causes Worker to Sustained Life-Threatening Injury

Washington D.C. – A flash fire broke out Saturday morning at the U.S. State Department Building that injured 4 people one of injured sustained life-threatening wounds. The workers had been performing maintenance duties on the 8th floor, according to a CNN and NBC Washington news report.

The fire started shortly after 11 a.m., as construction crews were working on the premises, said Lon Walls, a spokesman for Washington’s fire department.

One person was in a “life-threatening condition” and the other two people were in serious but non-life threatening condition at Washington Hospital Center, authorities said.

The fourth person fell from a ladder and hurt his knee, according to officials.

Fire department personal state that the crews have put out the fire using handheld extinguishers before city emergency personnel showed up.

While the exact number needing medical attention is not known, radio KSAT put the injury count at 4, and there were workers were treated at the scene.

Officials say that the crews were performing specific maintenance on a duct on the 8th floor of the building when the flames apparently broke out. The exact cause of the incident is under investigation, but officials do not believe the flash fire is suspicious in nature.

According to CNN, it was not immediately known if any State Department personnel were in the building at the time of the fire, however, the Fire Department’s spokesman, Walls believed few if any would have been in the building because of the holiday weekend.

CNN and Guardian Express contributed to this report.