Diabetes Mellitus: 12 Supplements that Control your Blood Sugar Naturally

As a diabetic, keeping your blood sugar at a manageable level is most important. Fasting blood sugar levels should be in the range of 70 MG/DL to 100 MG/DL. Normal blood sugar levels for a person with type 2 diabetes should be 70 – 130 MG/DL before meals, and less than 180 MG/DL 2 hours after meals.

There are numerous supplements available to help control your blood sugar levels naturally, and listed below are the 12 best.

1). Cinnamon.

Cinnamon acts to significantly improve blood glucose control, and makes fat cells much more responsive to insulin.

2). Green Tea.

Green Tea is a powerful anti-oxidant, and contains a variety of enzymes and amino acids essential to increased metabolism and the lowering of cholesterol.

3). Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Our bodies do not make omega-3 Fatty Acids, we get them from the foods we ingest. Taking an Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplement will help with absorption of glucose, and slow down the process, keeping us from getting hungry too fast.

4). Garlic.

Garlic is used to help regulate blood sugar levels. Regular use of aged garlic extracts lower blood homocysteine levels and may help to prevent some complications of diabetes mellitus.[49][50] Insulin dependent diabetics should not consume medicinal amounts of garlic without consulting a physician first.

5). Coenzyme Q10.

Coenzyme Q10 helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, by reducing cholesterol.

6). Chia seeds.

Chia seeds are an Omega-3 Fatty Acid, rich in dietary fiber and protein. They are also rich in calcium, phosphorus, and manganese, all good for their dietary health benefits.

7). Mulberry extract.

This supplement will help lower your fasting sugar level, as well as lower your cholesterol levels.

8). Magnesium.

There is no direct correlation between Magnesium and diabetes, but Magnesium helps to lower blood pressure and reduces risk factors for stroke and heart failure.

9). Taurine.

Taurine is essential for cardiovascular function, as well as the function of skeletal muscle, the retina and the central nervous system. In the structure of a cell, taurine keeps potassium and magnesium inside the cell, while keeping excessive sodium out, making it work like a diuretic.

10). HCA.

HCA is an appetite reducer and helps slow the absorption rate of carbohydrates.

11). Biotin.

B Vitamins as a whole are an essential part of diabetic health. But Biotin is the one B vitamin that most effectively metabolizes carbohydrates and sugars in the blood. It also increases the enzyme glucokinase, which improves insulin sensitivity in the liver.

12).Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps to stop the attachment of sugars and advanced carbohydrates to lipid proteins and other organic molecules. This enzymatic process can create diabetic complications in various organs in the human body.

Not all of these supplements will work for everybody, so maybe trey them one at a time and keep track of which one’s work and don’t work for you.

Remember to seek the advice of your doctor before starting any dietary/health related regimen.

Article by Jim Donahue

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