Fox News Report: Methamphetamine use may fight flu virus

Fox news is reporting today that a study by Scientists in Taiwan is touting the benefits of methamphetamine use as an option for treatment of the H1N1 Flu Virus.

While the study didn’t go so far as to recommend the use of Methamphetamine as a curative measure for the flu, it did indicate that Scientists and Doctors could take these results and find a better, less toxic compound that would help fight the virus.

Methamphetamine is one of the most widely abused illegal drugs, with an estimated 35 million abusers Worldwide.

Its use is also a major risk factor for the HIV virus, as the immunosuppressive properties of the illegal drug allow for the advance of the virus, and numerous other pathogens as well.

The study indicates that lung cells infected with the H1N1 virus were exposed to methamphetamine, and the group that was exposed to the drug had less cellular multiplication of the flu virus than the control group, which was not exposed to the drug.

And the findings also indicated that the more drug that the cells were exposed to, the less cellular multiplication in the end result.

Is this a good outcome? And why did these Scientists even think about using or testing the flu virus with this deadly and toxic substance?

Decide for yourself.

You can view the Fox News article here:

View the entire Taiwanese Scientists study here:

Article by Jim Donahue

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