Lesbian TV Show Like “The L Word” Has Universal Appeal, But What About Black Lesbians

Not since “The L Word”


By Kelly J Newson:

Not since “The L Word” has there been a good show depicting a positive perspective of Lesbians. Yet there have been and still are some very good web series but none have become national hits. It’s not that no one is interested but that networks just will not give these series a shot. Especially those depicting the Black Lesbian lifestyle. It seems that if a show doesn’t play into certain stereotypes then networks aren’t interested or if their isn’t a big name attached as actor, producer or director.

Still independent filmmakers have managed to write, direct and sometimes star in their own films and web series while also funding their own projects or getting investors.

Yet even after the success of “The L Word” networks have yet to greenlight another good Lesbian series. Some will say well there’s the “The Real L Word,” but is that really real. Just cause it has real lesbians doesn’t mean it depicts the lesbian lifestyle and accurately I may add. “The L Word ” had better and more relatable themes and characters. Where fans can watch and go hey that sounds a bit like myself or my situation. Or that “The L Word” helped someone to come out of the closet. It’s shows like this that TV, and/or cable needs shows like “The L Word” and “Noah’s ARC.” “Noah’s ARC” being about three gay friends but with their storylines, everyone no matter their orientation can relate. These shows have what few shows today have and that’s universal themes, universal appeal and relatable characters. Still networks cease to create or have filmmakers create more shows like “The L Word” and “Noah’s ARC.” When “The L Word” had just as much popularity as “Sex in the City.” Nevertheless, cable executives refuse to greenlight another all lesbian series or even greenlight a film for “The L World” just to give fans closure as to what really happened when the series ended.

Therefore, independent filmmakers have been going at it on their own while creating new content, while such web series like “The Friends & Lovers Show,” and the brand new web series set to premiere December 15 in Chicago “If I was your Girl,” have been taking up the slack.

Both shows having strong followings but will TV executives bite and give an all lesbian show a shot at national prime time again? Or even get a Black lesbian show a shot? That remains to be seen as only time will tell. As audiences change, new executives step in and a more accepting audience inevitably appear.

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  1. Carol   November 18, 2012 at 9:29 am

    There is a great demand for The LWord movie from the devoted fans of the show.Just as many of them are straight as are gay.The show had a faithful following and still does.


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