Navy Seals to monitor Vegas voter intimidation by New Black Panther members.

Retired American Special Forces types, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Delta Force, Green Berets and others are monitoring Voter Intimidation attempts by New Black Panther members.

By Benjamin Gaul

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On Tuesday, reported that retired Navy SEAL Ben Brink told Fox News that he is reaching out to former special operations personnel to help monitor polls, especially in areas where voter intimidation has been reported.

“The nation saw the video of members of the Black Panthers in Philadelphia intimidating people trying to vote in 2008. We are going to try and make certain that nothing like that happens this year,” he said on the Larry Mendte show, according to a report

Video: Special ops, SEALs to watch Black Panthers at polling places

“Don’t let the bravado fool you,” Mendte wrote. “The mission, according to the Captain, is to observe and report, not to engage. ‘We are going to watch for intimidation, videotape it, if possible, and report it to the proper authorities’.”

“Brink claims to have over a hundred former Army Rangers, Navy Seal, Delta Force, Green Berets and others who have volunteered for duty. The idea of Navy Seals and Black Panthers getting into it at a Philly polling site gives a whole new incentive for casting a ballot,” the report added.

“Our guys aren’t easily intimidated,” Brink added.

Earlier Tuesday, we reported that the New Black Panther Party showed up at the same Philadelphia polling place where two baton-wielding activists were located in 2008.

Other reports say the New Black Panther Party is making its presence known in Ohio as well.

Conservatives on Twitter enjoyed hearing that America’s heroes are once again stepping up to protect freedom.

“Special Forces in Ohio, Navy Seals in Philly to keep Black Panthers from harming & Intimidating Voters. What’s THAT tell you America?” tweeted Terri.

“BREAKING! SEALS have arrived at polling places in Phillie where Black Panthers are intimidating voters! God bless our Navy SEALs,” exclaimed dq24.

According to Phillymag, the special operations veterans will be going to cities like Cleveland, Miami and Las Vegas, and Brink assured Mendte that voters have nothing to fear from the highly-trained operatives.

“Voters showing up to the polls probably won’t even notice they are there. These men are trained to be ghosts,” he said.

Democrats are playing dirty at Polling Places in Swing States.

The Guardian Express LV has also learned through the Washington Examiner that Poll inspectors being ousted for Democrat operatives:

“Court-appointed Republican poll inspectors are being forcibly removed from voting stations in some Philadelphia wards and replaced in some cases by Democratic inspectors and even members of the Black Panthers, according to GOP officials” the Washington Examiner article reads.

Republican Party officials and attorneys are in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania courts attempting to restore order and democracy to the voting process. Navy Seals and other Special Forces Operators are on the ground in those precincts and polling stations, ensuring that peace and civility remain the atmosphere of the day.