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See if the United States of America send Barrack Obama back to the White House for a second term, or will they change direction and elect a new president and vice president in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to straighten out a sluggish economy.

Presidential polls released Monday; all show the race has tightened and could go either way. Americans appear to be torn between the two choices. According to a CNN Poll Obama leads Romney by 5 points 49 to 44. But Guardian Express Chief Political Analyst and U.S. Bureau Director, Benjamin Gaul has pointed out some of the Polls obvious sampling errors, which distorts its statistical conclusions. Gallup has the race much closer with Obama currently at 47.9 percent and Romney at 46.8 percent in their Poll.

Other major polls such as PPP, Ipsos/Reuters, CNN, Pew, and NBC/Wall Street Journal also show that Obama with a slight lead over his opponent. Polls such as Rasmussen and Zogby/ Newsmax show that both the candidates are tied at 49 and 47 percent respectively.

When it comes to electoral votes Obama is currently at 237 electoral votes, while Romney has 191 as both candidates are aiming for 270, which is what the winner must have.

National Journal correspondent Major Garrett told CBS News, “”We don’t know the size of the political universe. It’s not going to be 2008. It’s not going to be that robust for President Obama it’s not going to be that slack for Mitt Romney. It may be like 2004. If that’s true Mitt Romney it’s closer and perhaps even ahead in some of these national polls.”

Following Obama’s lackluster first debate performance, the president had lost ground and even began to trail Governor Romney, but Obama was able to take a one point percent lead last week. According to the Reuters/Ipsos Obama is 47 percent among likely voters while Romney, trailing by one percentage point was at 46 percent, a statistical tie in the poll released Tuesday.

In the same poll, 53 percent of registered voters believe Obama will be elected for a second term as president in the upcoming elections, while only 29 felt Romney would win.

4 Responses to "Watch Presidential Election Coverage Live Video Here to See if America Chooses Romney or Obama"

  1. Witerature   November 7, 2012 at 12:10 am

    Obviously Obama will win.

  2. nifemi   November 7, 2012 at 2:06 am

    @ Ulicia, You have to be the dumbest human that ever existed. i refuse to blame you but choose to blame your level of stupidity.

    what does the nazi have to do with this?
    you’re just a bloody racist. hopefully if you have kids they don’t think as wretched and as biased as you.

    its sad that humans with your kind of mentality wasn’t swept away by Hurricane sandy,

  3. Ulicia   November 7, 2012 at 1:12 am

    I would rather live under nazi germany than under Obama

    • Benjamin Gaul   November 7, 2012 at 1:38 am

      Historically, Presidents accomplish most of their agenda in the first two years of their first term. Second terms are seen as a reward, and are often given to mischief.

      G. W. Bush’s second term, when Democrats won the House and Senate in 06 for instance, was when the most spending and damage to the economy hit.

      Granted, Democrats then held the purse strings, headed all the committees and wrote all the spending bills, but Bush was far less forceful in reigning all that in, in his second term.

      We can only guess that Obama’s second term will see sharp declines in the economy, as deficits, along with costs for virtually everything, begin to skyrocket.


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