Nevada Early Voting Ends Friday November 2nd, Obama Holds Narrow Edge

Early Voting

by James Turnage:

Early voting ends in Nevada tomorrow, November 2nd. As of today, approximately 575,000 Nevadans have cast their vote. That is 46% of all registered voters.

45% of those voters are registered democrats, 37% republicans, and the remainder independent. Democrats hold a 90,000 lead in the number of registered voters statewide.

In polls Romney holds an edge over President Obama in the northern part of the state. In the more populous areas in southern Nevada, Mr. Obama leads in the polls. Overall the President holds a narrow edge in our state.

Interestingly, Paul Ryan is campaigning today in Reno, while Mr. Obama is in Las Vegas. Sounds a little like preaching to the choir to me.

What I fail to comprehend at this point is “how is anyone an undecided voter now”? Three debates and months of campaign speeches and television ads and someone hasn’t made up his or her mind? They must have been living somewhere out of the country until now. I’m like everyone else. I’m just happy it’s almost over.

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