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Written/Copyright 2012 –Eric Lageson

“Once again, the white man keeps us down. What’s up with whitey? Why’d he attack us in Iraq? Why’d he let (Hurricane) Katrina happen? Why’d he leave millions of children behind? This is the legacy the white man gave us.” Michelle Obama, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference, Trinity United Church, 2004

Michelle Obama has denied the above quote saying, she is “too cool” to ever say the racial slur “whitey”. The tape of the above quote, if there ever was one, disappeared in 2008.

“This election has nothing to do with the four brave Americans getting killed.” Obama quote, 10/26/12.

“If four American get killed, it is not optimal.” Obama quote, 10/18/12.

Pretty obvious, isn’t it? Pres. Obama feels inconvenienced by the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. The investigation has been put off until Nov. 15th (post-election.) The White House occupiers have continually lied about Benghazi-gate since it happened on 9/11/12. The few journalists who dare ask the President about it hear the same meaningless excuses: “the fog of war,” “a YouTube video,” and “a full investigation.” The fact is, there is a major cover-up going on and you have to ask yourself why.
When did the President first learn of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya?
Why did the CIA give orders to “stand-down”? (The CIA denies this.)
Why was a YouTube video blamed even after the President of Libya called it a pre-planned terrorist attack?
Was it all simple incompetence or something more?
What I believe…
On September 11, 2012, the decision was made. Regardless of the cause – and ask yourself if the four dead Americans care if they died from terrorism or a spontaneous demonstration – the Obama Administration decided not to fight back when our consulate was under attack. Why? Because Obama does not want to continue Bush’s “War on Terror”. Why? Because Obama does not see radical Islam as the enemy.
What about the war in Afghanistan?
In the Vice-Presidential debate, Joe Biden said the U.S. military is already handing over the war over to the Afghanis. The U.S. did the same thing in Vietnam and you remember how that turned out. When U.S. troops leave Afghanistan in 2014 – it’s over. Again, loss by forfeiture.

Document leaked on Facebook
An e-mail, originally posted on Facebook, revealed that the Obama Administration and the U.S. State Department knew of the Benghazi attack one hour after it began. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton derided it by saying, “It is just one of many documents” and that Republicans are “cherry-picking” information that is designed to make her look bad. Grasping at straws, Hillary even put it down for being leaked on Facebook. Hillary’s State Department is looking more and more ridiculous every day. With her cover-up unraveling, ex-lawyer Hillary tries to defend herself, instead of finding out why Ambassador Stevens and three others died needlessly.

Three Recent Obama Ads
No, these are not “Saturday Night Live” satirical advertisements. These are real ads for Obama 2012.

Samuel L. Jackson’s “Wake the F*** Up!” ad
According to Jackson, if Mitt Romney is elected “we’re all on our own.” “He’s against safety nets, if you fall, tough luck.” True.
American voters will have to make a choice: communism or capitalism. Do you want independence or a nursemaid gov’t that controls every aspect of your life?

The “Big Bird’ ad
In the first debate, Gov. Romney mentioned that if he were president, he would cut subsidies to PBS, but that he still likes “Big Bird”. (PBS’ “Sesame Street”.) Obama ran with the joke, making it backfire on Romney, saying he doesn’t care about corruption on Wall Street. All he cares about is destroying Big Bird.

The “My First Ad” ad
A very simple-minded looking girl describes her first vote for Obama. It’s all meant to resemble the first time she lost her virginity.
My take on it is this –
This is a perfect example why there should be an intelligence test for voters. Because this girl would fail it. Paradoxically, Team Obama is making fun of the MTV crowd (especially young women) who voted for Obama for all the wrong reasons.
The girl is actress Lena Dunham, who, quite frankly, appears DUMB. Is this the hidden message? – Is Team Obama laughing at young voters for being gullible and naïve enough to vote for a man with absolutely no qualifications?