Northern Nevada Getting Severe Cold Weather Storm Might Indicate “Climate Change”

Winter Begins in Northern Nevada

By James Turnage:

A cold front is moving through the northern part of Nevada. It began on Thursday with 50-60 mph winds, followed by snow and hail on Friday. Both major highways, U.S. 395 and U.S. 80 on the California side were closed. 80 was closed because of heavy snow, 395 because of numerous accidents.

At Moundhouse, just east of Carson City, cars were sliding off the road.

The most amazing event of this storm was the warning of “lake effect snow”. Mike Alger, the weatherman for KTVN our local CBS affiliate, is a native resident and said he had never previously seen this happen. Those living south of Pyramid Lake and south of Lake Tahoe, which includes Carson City, could be affected. Lake effect snow is usually a term heard by those living around the Great Lakes.

There is no such thing as “global warming”, that was always a misleading term. But there is definitely “climate change”.

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