Reclamation Nevada Endorses Constitutionalists of All Parties

by Erin Lale

Reclamation Nevada, a local nonpartisan group focused on the Constitution, handed out a brochure listing their endorsed candidates near early voting locations today. The endorsed candidates came from different parties and also included candidates in nonpartisan races. Some of the candidates included Democrat Joyce Woodhouse, Republican Bridgette Bryant, Gregory Hughes from the American Independent Party, and nonpartisan contest candidates Ed Klapproth and Erin Lale, who both ran as Libertarians in 2010. Reclamation Nevada’s endorsement list focused on local races and did not endorse a Presidential candidate.

Of the candidates endorsed in the brochure, only one is not on November’s ballot: Erin Lale is running in the Henderson municipal election, which has its primary in April 2013 and its general election in June 2013. Lale has also been endorsed by Liberty Candidates and the Ron Paul Nevada 2012 Team. Lale’s campaign is combining its fundraising efforts with doing good for the community by supporting local artists and small businesses. The Erin Lale Campaign is holding an Art Silent Auction at 7pm-9pm November 30th and 10am-noon December 1st at Unity Center in the Valley, 3037 E. Warm Springs Rd., Ste. 300.

The Bryant campaign also combines its fundraisers with issues that Bridgette Bryant cares about. The Bryant campaign recently held a fundraising event focused on veterans’ issues in which Bryant presented a certificate of appreciation to Steve Sanson, head of Veterans in Politics. Bryant is running for Nevada State Assembly District 12.

Reclamation Nevada meets at Pure Health Foods and also focuses on public health issues in addition to respect for the Constitution. They encourage people to vote with their slogan “Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself.”

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