Rush Limbaugh is so far Right, He’s Always Wrong

by James Turnage

I encourage everyone to read an article in the Atlantic by Conor Friedersdorf. His article is about the worst of the extreme right, Rush Limbaugh. In it he discusses the radio talk show’s obvious racism and bigotry. He lists quotation after quotation demonstrating his disgusting position on these vital issues, and his disrespectful evaluation of the President.

If the Republican Party is to ever again win an election, they must disassociate themselves and condemn people such as Limbaugh who will say anything to “make a buck”. Abraham Lincoln said many years ago that a divided America cannot stand. Our country is as divided today as it was at the beginning of the Civil War, and it’s because of the evil and destructive diatribes of people like Limbaugh.

Finally, our legislators must do the job for which they were elected. The must return to being statesmen instead of obstructionists. Politics has played a large role in our country’s polarization. They must be reminded that they were elected to do what we tell them to do, not fight for their personal agendas. When Boehner says he will not allow an increase in taxes on the wealthy, he is ignoring the overwhelming numbers when Americans were polled on the issue. If our elected officials fail to represent the people, they need to be forced out of office. They are not wiser than are we, in most cases they rarely read bills put before them, while those like myself constantly research issues. It’s my job and it’s their’s.

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