Romney and Scott Brown suffered losses, but biggest loser was religious right

The Biggest Loser

by James Turnage:

Last night’s losses by Mitt Romney and Scott Brown may be huge and memorable. Democrats made several large gains and voting results demonstrated a much broader support by our diverse country for Mr. Obama.

I believe the biggest loser by far was the religious right. Since 2000 the Christian right has attempted to control our country, and the Republican Party bought into it. The party that is owned by the TEA Party ignored both the content and the intent of our founding fathers when they penned the Constitution, specifically stating that we shall have no national religion.

Last night they were forced to face trends and the overall will of the American people.

Voters chose to accept same sex marriage. They also voiced their approval of marijuana for recreational use, a cause supported by many for years. And worst of all for Catholics whose church spent millions of dollars on ads denouncing it, voters demonstrated their support of women to have personal choice over their own bodies.

Churches are organized and run by men, not God. And believing in God does not mean you have to choose a religion. The greatest right American citizens have is freedom of choice. For eight years we were told that if we weren’t Christian, we were un-American. It was a divisive and destructive philosophy.

What the religious right also learned is that millions of Americans, such as myself, have chosen not to be religious. Some of us are atheists or at the very least agnostics. That definitely does not make us less loyal to our country, or bad people. I simply choose to be a more spiritual individual, making my own decisions about right or wrong and morality.

The biggest problem I had with the religious right was a legal one. Churches avoid taxes, and they do so because they were not supposed to become involved in our political system. They are, and they should pay taxes. If the major religions, Catholicism, Mormonism, and Judaism paid their fair share of taxes we would have a balanced budget within a few years.

I do not criticize those who practice a religion honestly. I admire them. But I do despise those who espouse their religion only to watch actions which are diametrically opposed to it. The old saying “practice what you preach” applies.

James Turnage

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