Romney, The Tea Party, Karl Rove Lost Touch with America

The Core Reason Why Romney Lost

By James Turnage:

The answer why Romney lost is simple, he’s out of touch with America. He lost the vote of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Young Americans, and Women. He won the vote of wealthy white Americans, and southern Americans.

When he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, he adopted the TEA Party. Personally, I don’t believe Mr. Romney is himself aligned with the extreme views of this wing of the Republican Party. But when he selected Ryan, he gave approval of his TEA Party views, his position on financial issues, and women’s issues.

Karl Rove is not a member of the TEA Party, but he is a power-mad little man. He was the architect of the failed Bush Administration, and continues to pursue status as a controlling figure in the party. He is nothing but a political lobbyist. He does not care about our country, he cares about elections.

The TEA Party has all but destroyed the Grand Old Party. In the past they were more centrist. They had ideas and believed in ideas and policies that were a balance to those more extreme on the left. Compared to Palin, Bachmann, West, and Paul, Barry Goldwater was a moderate conservative.

The Republican Party must represent everyone. In the past four years they have appeased the TEA Party, and were seen as extreme and racist. I was a devoted independent until “W” came along. I felt he was moving our country into a war mongering, religion biased country. He lied to the American public, and put us into two wars which turned out to be nothing more than a new “crusades”. I was appalled when McCain chose an un-qualified, overly ambitious woman to be his running mate. I thought he was smarter and better than that. I have admired many men and women in the past, but struggle to find one with common sense and courage today.

I must modify my last remark. When “super storm Sandy” destroyed much of the New Jersey shore, I praised Governor Chris Christy. I have often been critical of him and statements made by him. But his genuine effort and concern to aid the residents of his state were a fulfillment of his oath of office and gave conviction to his constituents that they had elected the right man for the job. He, together with the support of the President, gave those suffering great loss hope that they were not forgotten. I’m sorry his own party was critical of his efforts to successfully do the job for which he was elected.

James Turnage

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