Watch Live as the Twilight series rolls out “Breaking Dawn Part 2” red carpet

The “Twilight” series is presently rolling out the red carpet premiere. While the series has made the notion forever a big part of its identity, the live stream below is on a time clock.

You might want to know what you will not have access to here are the numerous parties that are taking place all over Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Century City. To gain access there, you’ll probably need to know one of the cast members.

“The first party was about 400 [people]” remembered Chad Hudson, the party-planning creative force behind all premiere fetes for the Stephenie Meyer-adapted books. Monday night’s affair welcomed 3,500 guests.

For the last hurrah, the event showcased small tableaus from each movie, spaced and spelled out with unique touches from each title. Beginning with Stewart’s Bella Swan, guests were welcomed with her character’s orange pickup truck — and, thankfully, some passed cocktails.

Moving south into the space, opposite the Nokia Theater, guests were charmed by the lunar bodies of the wolf pack from “New Moon,” ogling various bikes from the garage set where Lautner played Jacob Black.

From there, a sinister red setting gave fans a space to take photos on the thrones of the menacing Volturi, the ruthless vampire authority of the flick, led by Michael Sheen.

While you’re here on this site, we might as well give you the latest scoop Taylor Lautner revealed during his interview with Jay Leno.

Referring to the ending in the Breaking Dawn Part 2 film. Lautner told Leno that it will be slightly different than what readers are expecting.

After filling Leno in on where Part 2 picks up, Lautner says there’s a twist, it is a little different from maybe, what was in the book.”

“You know,” Taylor responds, “There’s a very thin line because the fans would freak out on us if we changed anything too much.”

“I can confirm there is a twist and I can confirm everybody can find out what it is on Nov. 16.”

Can you believe that he said all of that to say nothing; I mean absolutely nothing.

OK, I am going to enjoy the premiere.

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