Why is Taylor Swift the Irresistible Songstress?

Taylor Swift has become the irresistible songstress of love given the honor because of her faithfulness to fall head over hills in love with the men she writes about in her songs. In a way she sings about the forgotten, the hurt, the marginalized of this world as she belt out love song after song from the bottom of her soul. Swift sings about a kind of love that’s alluring, obsessive, painful yet fun as she has by experience become quite familiar with its peculiarities. Taylor is the embodiment of cupid; flawless, experienced, confident that her spellbinding siren will enhance the quality of longing that’s never filled and thirst that’s never quenched. Swift sings with confidence and suggests, she’s learned something she now can apply. While her fans admire her courage, they might also find Taylor has other virtues equally worth their admiration. Three fairly attractive and outstanding qualities are worth mentioning. Not only are they quite rare for one person to possess, they also appear to be the driving force behind the Taylor Swift brand.

Perhaps the best way to describe Taylor’s alluring, spellbinding attraction, is to divide each quality into their individual parts and then one by one completely unfold until you’re folding them seamlessly back together again.

The eyes are our first point of contact evaluation. It’s obviously clear Swift can hold her own when it comes to physical beauty. But beyond one’s physical characteristics, there exist the entity we sometimes call the mind. A curious mind is an attractive characteristic. It is also the local where intelligence is cultivated. Whether you’re male or female there’s something fairly stunning in women whose intelligence emanates enough to stimulate others. It’s empirical through speech, and be seen in artful action it’s the magic curiosity stirs. Clearly the songstress has been about to combine both her irresistible physical beauty with personified curiosity. The combination significantly enhances her attractiveness, which makes Taylor a gift to behold. Along with her physical and mental exhilarating glow-flowing treasures the pop star equally attracts worldly riches and wealth through resourceful creative enterprise artistically cultivated and rigorously refined. Her worldly treasures are earned making the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer that much more attractive, as number don’t lie.

Taylor swift has learned to deploy these qualities, ordering them into a seamless measured interacting harmonious framework to engender her predesigned objective. The combination of these qualities has informed Swift’s ingenious marketing strategies, which have exponentially produced the abundance of wealth and fortune she cultivates and enjoys

An example of its complex functionality can be empirically seen in the irresistible product she has designed to sell “Red.”

With the Six-time Grammy Award winner’s highly-engaged in the marketing of her fourth studio album, Red, which arrived in stores last month, Taylor has used her gifts to engineer national TV appearances that coincided with the album’s release.

What’s more, the 22-year-old managed to organize a select group of Twitter followers and Facebook friends who joined her last month in New York, where they literally followed her during the release. In addition to working events, and providing live updates to millions of fans around the world via social media postings, the songstress has managed to expedite sales by intelligently managing her large social media resources. Swift currently has more than 19.7 million Twitter followers and 34.9 million Facebook likes. I guess they find her irresistible too.

If music moguls are not watching this ingenious songstress maneuver like a pro, they will miss out on learning how to market their own artists in the new social media communication age. The singer makes productive use of her gifts, leading some to call her a one women marketing machine.

It’s a no holds barred media blitz. Upon the release of Red, Taylor was live in Times Square for ABC’s “Good Morning America” on both October 22nd and 23rd (7:00 a.m. ET/PT), and on the 23rd she was the lead guest and perform on “The Late Show with David Letterman” (11:35 ET/PT on CBS).

On the 24th of Oct. Taylor was live on ABC’s “The View” for a performance and chat, and on the 25th she made a special concert appearance on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

On the 26th, she was guest on ABC’s “Katie” with Katie Couric, and that same evening the songstress was featured on ABC’s “All Access Nashville with Katie Couric – A Special Edition of 20/20” primetime special (9:00 ET/PT).

Also, the week of October 22nd was branded as “Taylor Swift Week” on “Entertainment Tonight,” and Taylor was also be interviewed the following week on “Access Hollywood,” “E! News,” and “Extra.”

In addition to her TV appearances that week, Taylor sat down for a live Q&A session with an audience at the Sirius XM studios in New York. “Sirius XM’s Town Hall with Taylor Swift” aired live on The Highway on October 22nd at 2:00 pm ET. And, on the 24th, Taylor visited Scholastic’s New York headquarters, where she took time out from her busy release week to schedule and participated in a special literacy event as part of the “Read Every Day” literacy campaign.

After the New York media events, the songstress returned to Nashville, where she took part in the Taylor Swift Worldwide Radio Remote presented by Papa John’s.

With 72 stations broadcasting live from Music City on Friday, October 26th, the radio event covered four formats–Country, CHR, Hot AC, AC–and five continents, with stations from as far away as South Africa and New Zealand. In addition, Taylor Swift fans were fully engaged in the launch of Red, with more than 300 radio contest winners receiving VIP experiences at several of Taylor’s media stops. And why wouldn’t they want to be part of Taylor’s irresistible campaign?

The irresistible songstress is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone’s current Hot List issue, as well as on the November covers of Glamour and Marie Claire UK.

Red is already making huge inroads at both radio and retail. Her digital paid download sales of “Red” in the first week exceeded 1.2 million. That’s the highest first-week sales total for an album in over a decade. She did it partly by answering a surprisingly complicated question: What’s the best way to sell an album? You know the answer; make it irresistible.

There are so many ways to release your music these days. You can sell it at Amazon, iTunes, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks. You can release it to streaming sites like Spotify. You can go on tour.

Each artist chooses a mix of tools from this toolbox. And choosing the right mix can help an artist make money — something that’s hard to do in an era when it’s so easy to get free music.

Taylor Swift picked expertly. As Paul Resnikoff, editor and founder of Digital Music News points out, she has chosen from the toolbox only the outlets that would give her the most money for every album sold: Outlets that pushed a full album purchase.

The first week her album came out, you could only get it in a few key places: i-tunes, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target. You could order a Papa Johns pizza and receive the CD — at the sticker price of around 14 bucks.

But the tools Swift didn’t use are as important than the ones she did. By refusing to release her singles on Spotify, or any other streaming site, she pushed her fans to buy the album. Spotify pays the artist pennies on the dollar. Taylor Swift skipped it.

“Taylor already has so many fans, that she doesn’t need to have that, like, incentive,” 16-year-old superfan Lindsey Feinstein says. “Like, ‘Oh, listen to this, and then you’ll buy it.’ She’s past that level.”

Swift blends the best of old and new school marketing. Yes, she’s a tireless self-promoter but she relentlessly takes advantage of numerous physical and digital channels to get her message out. Whether it’s talk shows, airports, Target or her ubiquitous presence on the social media landscape, Swift uses all channels to her advantage, rewarding her fans with accessibility, information and approachability. The lesson: Transparency, adaptability and presence matter when building a fan base of millions.

There’s a tremendous amount of real innovation happening out there and Taylor Swift is leading the charge in music. Check out what’s she’s up to and you’ll find her marketing sense is as dead-on as her ability to write a hit single.

I started this report we have learned that Taylor Swift cultivates, integrates and invigorates three remarkably stunning qualities and then maximizes their potential in the recipe they form.

Though she spends an enormous amount of time cultivating her gifts, she knows that without her fans, she would be nothing. Therefore, she includes many of them in each step of the process.

The true beauty of Taylor Swift lies not in the gifts she’s blessed to possess, but rather her generosity and desire to include and to share her career with her fans. I guess this was the quality I was searching to uncover, and now that we’ve unveiled the songstress’ most compelling beauty, it’s not surprising that it too makes her irresistible.

Contributor D. Chandler

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  1. Lloyd   November 12, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    D. Chandler is to be congratulated for the ability to accurately describe the essence of Taylor Swift’s mystique which is irresistible.

    In an era when twenty somethings feel the need to either tattoo their body like a restroom wall or be jailed for drunkenness to feel relevant Taylor Swift chose, instead, to develop her many talents, and her 80 million dollar net worth, by acting as a role model for anyone smart enough to learn.


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