3 dead including gunman at deadly shooting inside Oregon mall

3 dead including gunman at deadly shooting inside Oregon mall3 dead including gunman after a masked shooter open fire at Clackarma Town Center, a mall in Portland, Oregon.

“This is no longer an active shooter,” Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. James Rhodessaid. “I believe the shooter has been neutralized and we are securing the mall, securing the scene and treating the wounded.”

“We know there are multiple wounded,” he said. “Lifeline has landed to treat at least one of those wounded and we’re set up to treat them as we find them as we search the mall.”

Witnesses reported seeing a gunman who looked like a teenager wearing a bulletproof vest a carrying an assault rifle. Hundreds of people were evacuated from the busy mall full of holiday shoppers after the shooting began at around 3:30 p.m. PT.

The person entered the mall through a Macy’s store, ran through the upper level of Macy’s and opened fire near the mall food court, firing multiple shots, one right after another, with what is believed to be a black, semiautomatic rifle, according to witness reports.

Those interviewed said that Macy’s shoppers and store employees huddled in a dressing room to avoid being found.
Evan Walters told ABC News Radio that he was locked in a store for his safety and he saw two people shot and heard multiple gunshots.

“It was over 20, and it was kind of surreal because we hear pops and loud noises,” he said. “We’re next to the food court here and we hear pops and loud noises all the time, but we don’t — nothing like that. It was very definite gunshots.”

“The scene outside as I was leaving was just chaos,” witness Isabel Valentine told the paper. “Police were everywhere, people were crying and screaming, and we still don’t know exactly why this all happened.”
Oregonian sports reporter John Canzano, who said he was at the mall when the shooting began, tweeted that “panicked people are running from the mall” and later urged his followers simply to “pray.”

Police and SWAT teams established a perimeter around the scene and worked to evacuate the mall as they searched for the shooting suspect. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s office urged members of the public to avoid the area.
A spokeswoman for the mall said she had no immediate information and directed calls to law enforcement.

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