Baltimore Ravens visit the Washington Redskins & New Orleans Saints are at the New York Giants and more

And I’m Able to Watch All Three

By James Turnage

This weekend’s NFL schedule offers an opportunity for fans to see three outstanding games. Certainly the match-ups are excellent, I hope the games themselves live up to their possibilities.

One o’clock, Eastern time, the Baltimore Ravens visit the Washington Redskins. The Ravens lead the AFC north, but are the only division leader to not have clenched the top place. They have an inconsistent offense because of an inconsistent quarterback. Ray Rice, unquestionably their best offensive player, must be allowed to carry or catch the ball frequently if they are to score on an improving Redskins defense. Their last game with Oakland set a team record of 55 points.

The Ravens’ defense, once only second to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the league, is ranked 22nd. They are aging, and are without their emotional leader, and “coach on the field”, Ray Lewis. Linebacker Terrel Suggs injured a bicep during last Sunday vs. the Raiders, and is questionable.

The Redskins have RG III, need I say more. During his rookie season he is proving to be one of the most valuable players in the league. Monday night Washington defeated the Super Bowl champion New York Giants 17-16. Scoring for both sides was predominately an exchange of field position and field goals by the Giants. A little luck helps. In the first quarter, RG III fumbled, but it was picked up by Joshua Morgan who ran it to the end zone for a Redskins’ touchdown. Trailing 16-10 in the fourth quarter, RG III threw an 8 yard pass to Pierre Garcon in the end zone.

I hope to see both teams at their best this Sunday

Sunday afternoon at 4:25 Eastern time, the New Orleans Saints are at the New York Giants.

Although I personally believe the Giants will bounce back from Monday night’s loss and be victorious, the Saints, with all star quarterback Drew Brees, are seldom out of a game. But, with New Orleans having only the slimmest of chances at a playoff spot, I’ll have to wait and see if they perform at the high level needed to stay in the game with Eli Manning playing at home.

The final game is on MNF. It’s intriguing for many reasons. What I consider to be the best team in the league, the Houston Texans will be in Foxboro to wage war against the New England Patriots. And it should be a war.

The New England Patriots are all but invincible at home. With a 9-3 record, this is a must win if they hope to have home field advantage during the playoffs. Houston stands at 11-1, and with a win will most likely be at home until the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady is having an MVP year thanks to a terrific offensive line. With virtually no running game, they passed themselves into another division winner. Their defense is somewhat suspect, but Coach Belichick has his team swarming to the ball. The key will always be their ability to score at will, and overcome the other team’s defense.

Defensive Coordinator, Wade Phillips, has his team near the top in all defensive categories. Despite a season ending injury to all world linebacker, Brian Cushing, they play an inspired team effort. Now led by J.J. Watts, tied for the lead in sacks, the Patriots’ offensive line will have to be in top form to allow Brady to be effective with their one dimensional offense.

The best news about all three games is that they are at different times of a different day, so I can see all of them. Enjoy, the season is rapidly ending.

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