Daniel Inouye was a Real American Hero

Daniel Inouye was a Real American HeroSenator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii succumbed to respiratory failure Monday at the age of 88. He served 5 decades in the service of his country, second longest to Robert Byrd. He consistently worked on a bipartisan level, and was a strong advocate for the military. He was elected to his 9th term in 2010.

He began his service to his country when he enlisted in the army shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor for an attack on a machine gun nest in San Terenzo, Italy, that cost him the loss of an arm. When he was hospitalized because of his injury, he was a bedside companion to another future senator, Bob Dole.

He was of Japanese descent, and served in a Japanese-American unit in the army. While many Japanese-Americans were interred in detention camps inside the continental United States, his unit was the most decorated in World War II.

He was respected by Democrats and Republicans alike. He never ceased to remind other elected officials of their responsibility to their constituents.

Some time ago he was asked how he wanted to be remembered. He simply stated that he hoped the citizens of Hawaii would always know that he served them well.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express