Heartbreaking, Lupillo Rivera at La Voz Mexico

Heartbreaking, Lupillo Rivera placing a white rose on Jenni Rivera’s chair on La Voz Mexico and singing to the empty chair.

After the tragic dead of Jenni Rivera in a plane crash. Lupillo with a white rose took the place of the coach Jenni Rivera. Even though her chair was empty, the memory Jenni Rivera was present last night throughout the end of ‘The Voice … Mexico in which Luz Maria, a member of his team proved to be the winner.

His brother Lupillo Rivera, visibly moved, placed the flower on the seat and sent a message to the public, in a clip recorded on Saturday, broadcast startup issue.

“Thank you for seeing this wonderful scenario. Representing the Rivera family would like to thank the production and the people who have given us their love in this difficult time. Want to share what my sister was standing here.
He liked to come every week, he was excited, but, most importantly, is that you could see this great lady, transparent, with a great career tireless and very faithful to each project he had.

The emotional appearance move thousand of people who all over the world
“Just seen the Lupillo Rivera speech for Jenni on La Voz and I am not going to lie, I wasn”t a big fan of her but that made me cry.”

“Nobody owns their own destiny, there are things that are beyond our reach. She was and always will be the strong woman, luchona, and the woman of the people. My sister Jenni Rivera will always be the “Diva of the Band”as she had said, “I love you, my people,” said Lupillo.

During the broadcast, which began with the semi-final were broadcast previously unpublished images of Jenni during the activity he had with his two semifinalists, Ricardo Yucupicio and Luz Maria, with whom days before he died he went to the go cars.

Almost at the end of the competition Luz Maria singing “Eternal Love” Bracamontes stressed that the insurance issue was dedicated to his former coach, to which the girl nodded.

“It has changed my life since I started the program, I have learned that life is a breeze, to share, to team and above all, I learned that Jenni will never die, that his music will continue to have with us,” said Rubio.

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  1. Cindy   January 9, 2013 at 8:40 am

    Man please proofread before you publish anything! This is such a horrible job of journalism. I couldn’t even understand what you were trying to say. Please fix it!

  2. ARR   December 19, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Why do you keep referring to Jenni as “he”. Grammar and proofread before publication people. You sound so uneducated!

  3. Amanda   December 18, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    You desperately need a copy editor. It looks like this was a bad Google Translate job. Jenni deserves better.

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