Diabetes Mellitus: ADA Launches Research Initiative “Pathway to Stop Diabetes”

stop diabetes nowThe American Diabetes Association announced last week that they were entering into partnership to fight the spread of diabetes, with their corporate sponsors Sanofi US and Novo Nordisk Inc. Eli Lilly and Company Foundation has also provided funding through a $5 million grant as a benefactor sponsor of the program titled “Pathway To Stop Diabetes.”

Sanofi US and Novo Nordisk Inc. have provided the bulk of the funding for this effort, with each providing $7.5 million as corporate sponsors of the project.

With an estimated 26 million people living in the United States currently having diabetes, and a staggering 79 million+ living with pre-diabetes, the time is now for a major research initiative to help fight the advancement of diabetes. The American Diabetes has been and always will be the leader in this fight.

“Today, one in 12 Americans has diabetes, and if our current course as a nation continues, by the year 2050, one in three American adults will have diabetes. Although this is one of the greatest public health crises our country is currently facing, diabetes research is severely underfunded. This disparity has a limiting effect on innovations and breakthroughs… In prevention, diagnosis, treatment and ultimately, needed cures.” Said Karen Talmadge, PhD, Chair of the Board-Elect and Vice Chair, Research Foundation of the American Diabetes Association. “The American Diabetes Association’s ‘Pathway to Stop Diabetes’ will transform diabetes research by discovering brilliant scientists and providing them with the resources needed for breakthrough discoveries.”

The aim of this program is to seek out new discoveries in the areas of diabetes prevention and treatment, through support for a new generation of diabetic researchers and individuals that will focus on innovative and transformational ideas.

Pathway to stop diabetes would like to focus on diabetes research, and the corporate sponsors have made a substantial financial commitment over an extended period of time, in an attempt to create a new generation of diabetes researches with novel ideas.

The abrupt increase in diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in the United States is reaching epidemic proportions, however research funding for the disease is still at an all-time low. Statistical evidence shows that twice as many people have diabetes in America that have cancer, and 20 times more Americans have diabetes then have the HIV/AIDS virus

On a per patient basis, diabetes funding is distinctly less than funding for HIV or cancer research, and even though researchers have made advancements against this disease, more funding is needed to make substantial progress to address this complex disease and discover prevention methods, treatment options and ultimately, a cure.

The American Diabetes Association has a received corporate funding support for this initiative totaling $20 million.”This partnership between Sanofi US and the American Diabetes Association will allow us to combine our expertise and resources to ultimately better help people living with diabetes,” said Dennis Urbaniak, Vice president and Head of US Diabetes Division, Sanofi US, whose company made the initial corporate sponsorship to help launch the program. “Through ‘Pathway to Stop Diabetes’, we are proud to continue to support the advancement of science and development of innovative, integrated and personalized solutions to help people better manage their disease.”

“The diabetes epidemic requires the community to collaborate more often as there are still many avenues to explore scientifically. It’s a model that fosters innovation and one we can live by,” said Jerzy Grune, President, Novo Nordisk Inc. “Supporting ‘Pathway to Stop Diabetes’ means the best and the brightest researchers in diabetes can bring new thinking and understanding to the development of treatments that could improve patients’ lives.”

The mission of the American Diabetes Association, founded in 1940, is to prevent and cure diabetes while improving the lives of all people that are affected by diabetes.

For more information please call the American Diabetes Association at 1-800-342-2383 or visit them on the web at www.diabetes.org.

Article by Jim Donahue

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