Fiscal Cliff: Republicans have agreed to a deal

Senate Agreement

Fiscal Cliff Republicans have agreed to a dealA Democratic aide says and agreement has been made in the Senate regarding the negotiations to avoid the so called “fiscal cliff”. Congressional Republicans have agreed to the deal. The source was forced to remain anonymous by rule of the negotiating bodies.

I wait with great anticipation for the details. I also wonder if the Boehner led house will remain on vacation or work for the American people.

Our elected officials have to do better than this. Why do we vote for legislators who couldn’t agree on the price of lemonade at a lemonade stand?

President Obama held a news conference this afternoon. His statement, summed up, said an agreement is “within sight”. He also stated that although the Senate is “very, very close” in their deliberations, he doesn’t believe a vote will take place before midnight.

Agreement has been made on taxes, continuing tax breaks for most Americans, keeping tax and tuition credits, as well as credits for clean energy companies, and extending unemployment benefits for 2.1 million Americans.

Mr. Obama declined to say a “deal is imminent”. And the House will not be available to vote on the issue New Years Day.

The issue still being hotly debated is apparently spending cuts. The President gave no indication where those cuts might be. He will be staying at the White Hue until a deal is reached.

By James Turnage

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