Obama most popular Presidents in U.S. history?

He’s Getting Tough, and the “Do Nothing Party” Doesn’t like It

20121106-obama-x600-1352262388President Obama warned that if Republicans think they can get future deficit reduction solely through spending cuts “that will hurt seniors, or hurt students, or hurt middle-class families without asking also equivalent sacrifice from millionaires or companies with a lot of lobbyists … they’ve got another think coming.”

Although the President thinks the Senate is very close to agreeing on a solution to the so called “fiscal cliff”, he has made it clear that there is a limit as to how much he is willing to compromise. Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee, and John McCain of Arizona called his remarks confrontational and believed he would lose votes because of them.

The party of “good old white boys” still don’t get it. President Obama is moving into a position of being one of the most popular Presidents in history. The vast majority of Americans agree with him. He should not compromise with the idiotic demands of the G.O.P. They lost the election, and, according to polls, they are losing more of the country every day.

Like many, I was disappointed in Mr. Obama’s first term. I wanted him to stand firm on issues he campaigned for, and disregard Republicans proposals to protect the wealthiest of Americans. Now things have changed. A “lame duck” President is dangerous, and with public opinion on his side his opponents are fighting battles they cannot win.

To return to the tax and spending policies of the Clinton administration are simply common sense. When he was in office was the last time we were a strong country economically.

Tonight it is doubtful that there will be a vote on the “fiscal cliff” by the Senate. John Boehner has adjourned the House, and who knows when they’ll decide to come back to work and do the jobs for which they were elected.

Am I worried? Hell no. I’m in such a lower tax level nothing can hurt me. I, like many seniors can’t fall off of any cliff. We’re sitting at the bottom of the ocean, and no one is sending us a life line.

A note to Republicans. When you die and you’re enjoying the warmth of Hell with your wealthy friends, I will be sipping cold, fresh water from the streams of the righteous.


By James Turnage

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