Fiscal Cliff Talks Done: Maybe New Congress Can Get it Right

A new year is just around the corner. Soon it will be 2013. Hopefully, 2013 will be a wonderful year for all of us. We can pray that the politicians who were elected and those who were reelected will help improve the current state of our country. We must realize that we cannot completely depend on politicians to make improvements themselves.

Politicians do not have the power and abilities to fix all of our country’s problems. It will take the combined effort of American citizens and politicians to make positive changes. Voters vote for certain politicians in hopes that their votes will count and their voices will be heard. Those who do vote can at least say that they tried to promote improvements and did their part as concerned and active citizens.

It can be quite difficult trying to decide who will be the better politician. All too often, voters expect politicians to do things that might not be possible. For instance, some people think that President Barack Obama can improve the economy all by himself. Obama can take certain actions to promote improvements, but he cannot do it all himself. It takes businesses, citizens, Congress, and other entities to improve the economy.

We must also realize that the economy and other aspects of the United States cannot be fixed overnight. It might take years to make positive changes in the economy and other aspects. We can only hope that politicians and businesses will work together to make positive changes.

We can also hope that different political parties will come together to make landmark decisions that will influence our future in a positive manner. There are many problems that exist in our great country and must be addressed better.

The United States is not perfect and neither are the leaders. There is much debate among Republicans and Democrats about a prospective fiscal cliff that might occur. It seems to be tremendously difficult for Republicans and Democrats to compromise on almost any issue. Each side is advocating certain points and platforms that the other side opposes. Let’s hope that politicians, businesses, and others will make New Year resolutions to improve and address issues better.

Together, we can make positive changes and move forward.

Article by Guardian Express staff writer Donald Norris, Jr.

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