Greyhound Bus Crashes off Coquihalla Highway Carrying 42 Passengers.

Greyhound Bus Crashes off Coquihalla Highway Carrying 42 Passengers.At approximately 1:45 a.m. Monday morning, a Greyhound bus carrying 42 passengers skated off the Coquihalla Highway north of Merritt. The picture to the right was sent by Keegan Miller to Vancouver News, part of Bristish Columbia CBS. It shows nine emergency workers attempting to move the large vehicle.

The passengers had to be removed through the front window of the bus.

All 42 passengers were sent to the hospital for precautionary treatment.

Timothy Stokes, a spokesperson for Greyhound, says the bus was heading to Prince George from Vancouver. The bus left the highway near the Helmer exit when it rolled off the Coquihalla highway west of Kamloops, about 5 kilometres north of the Helmer Road exit.

According to the RCMP, the bus driver was trying to avoid a broken down vehicle stopped in the slow lane of the highway.

One witness to the accident wrote on her Twitter, “Really bad accident just outside of town involving a Greyhound bus.”

Tracy Watson with the Interior Health Authority says three or four patients are still being treated, while the rest have been released.

One B.C. paramedic described attending the rollover scene in “waist-deep snow.”

Stokes says the passengers will soon be on another bus to their final destination. “The passengers that have been released,” he said. “We are going ahead and feeding those passengers right now before they continue their travel into Prince George.”

Of the passengers taken to hospital, 26 required medical attention.

Though Greyhound is reporting that no one was seriously injured, it’s difficult to confirm their conclusion as reporters have not spoken to any of the passengers.

“The investigation is on-going, however, there was a heavier snowfall in the area at the time with large amounts of snow on either side of the road.”

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