iCarly’s Last Hurrah

Whether she likes it or not, they’ll be plenty of eyeballs on Miranda Cosgrove no matter what she chooses to do with her future. That’s because she enjoyed an enormous measure of success as Carly Shay, her iconic teen character for Nickelodeon’s iCarly. If she believes fans are going to simply settle for the void, then Cosgrove doesn’t know Hollywood. It ‘s simply ain’t gonna happen unless she goes way underground. And even then, you can bet it won’t be iCarly’s last hurrah

In iCarly, Cosgrove spent the last seven years cultivating the Carly Shay character.  It not only features Cosgrove, but also Jennette McCurdy (Sam), Nathan Kress (Freddie), Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and Noah Munck (Gibby).  The genre ideally fits the teen sitcom mode, with Carly Shay stumbling into celebrity as a result of Nerdy  Freddie having secretly placed a video recording of Carly and Sam’s school talent show online for the world to see. Consequently, a market for Carly is born online as she and her collaborators, Sam and Freddie become internet celebrities, and decide to produce a webcast show. Each week they’re challenged to feature talent contests, problem-solving, recipes and dancing to name a few.

Meanwhile, Carly is living with her 26-year-old brother, Spencer, who provides her guardianship in his makeshift third-floor studio loft apartment.

The 19-year-old Nickelodeon star has grown up in front of the cameras since the sixth grade. Her, first real break into the world of entertainment happened when she played opposite Jack Black in 2003’s “The School of Rock,” where she played the precocious Summer Hathaway. Cosgrove followed that performance with iCarly, beginning in 2007.

She’s also known for her role as Megan Parker on Nickelodeon’sDrake & Josh and has guest-starred on CBS’ The Good Wife.

With the series heading for a climatic end, what will Cosgrove do next, besides finishing College.

“I have an essay due. I’ll be doing homework during Thanksgiving break,” the University of Southern California freshman told USA Today.

After being tutored on set since sixth grade, this marks Cosgove’s first time in a regular school in years. (She also moved out of her Los Angeles-based parents’ house three weeks ago.) At USC, she’s majoring in film with the goal to someday act in a project she’s also written.

“I definitely want to act; that’s why I want to major in film,” she says. “The most important thing is to find a good story. It’s hard when you’re coming from a TV show. I’m hoping to find something that’s right. It’s hard when you’re trying to do something different but not lose the people who know you. I wouldn’t want to rush and do something that wasn’t right. I’m just focusing on school.”

Meanwhile, she also will be back on the big screen — at least her voice will — in next year’s Despicable Me 2, reprising her role of Margo for the animated sequel.

And while she’s enjoyed her seven seasons on iCarly, she says it was the right time for the show to end.

“I grew up making the show,” she said. “I spent my whole childhood there. We knew it would be sad no matter when we stopped doing it. We would have done it forever, but we wanted to go out and not do too many episodes. It ended at a good time.”

If the missed the Sunday finally, here how it went down.
In the episode entitled “iGoodbye,” Carly, is devastated when her dad can’t be there to take her to the Air Force father daughter dance. When Carly’s brother, Spencer, gets too sick to take her himself, Carly’s best friend, Sam, goes into action, talking buddies Freddie and Gibby into getting their tuxes on.

Nevertheless, Carly is much too upset to attend the dance with anyone but her dad, or her brother as his fill-in, and says she just wants the night to be over with. At that moment, Carly’s father walks in the door for an emotional surprise reunion.

Upon learning after the dance that dad has to return immediately to his Air Force base in Italy, Carly has a difficult decision to make. Should she leave her friend, to go stay with her dad? It that really a choice? Nine time out of ten, you’re going to what to have your peer group around, not boring dad.
Sam and Spencer encourage Carly to take hold of the moment, and she makes plans to depart for Italy in four hours — just in enough time to make one last “iCarly” webisode with Sam and Freddie.

Carly says goodbye to Spencer, her live-in guardian. She thanks him for looking over her through the years.  Spencer points out what viewers already know: “You took care of yourself.” They embrace one another as Spencer tears up.

Then Carly goes to see Freddie, and what do you know, she makes his day by surprising his with a iGoodbye kiss. Of course, Sam and Carly say goodbye to each other, with a final impressive Goodby moment exchanged on the way down during the elevator ride. This is followed by the requisite montage of the series’ best moments.

In the final webisode, Carly tells her viewers, “This isn’t goodbye … but, ‘iCarly’s’ gonna be taking a break.”

Could that be an open door for a future “iCarly” reunion?

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