Legalization of Marijuana and same-sex marriage polls show America’s changing attitudes

America is Growing Up

By James Turnage

According to a recent poll, two issues that have been argued for decades show definite signs of changing attitudes in America.

In Wednesday’s poll 48 percent of all Americans are in favor of same-sex marriage while 46 percent oppose it. Surprisingly among Catholics 49 percent are in favor and 43 are against.

The biggest change is among men. In previous polls 61 percent opposed gay marriage and only 31 percent were in favor. The latest poll shows the numbers are now at 50-43. Women favor the union 52-42.

The largest numbers in opposition are white protestants, 63-32.

Another part of the survey involved the legalization of Marijuana. The results show a large gap between age groups. Those under 30 favored legalization by a wide margin, 67 percent to 29. Seniors oppose it 56-35. (I’m part of the 35).

Women oppose legalization 52-44, but men are in favor 59-36.

The poll shows that it is just a matter of time when these two issues will no longer be a matter of contention. Our country will grow up and join the rest of the civilized world.

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