Carson City Update: Two Dead in Voltaire Canyon

by James Turnage:

Carson City, Nevada – Carson City Sheriffs are not looking for a suspect in the deaths of two Native American women who were found dead in Voltaire Canyon yesterday.  They believe women were the only ones there, but have not determined if their deaths were because of a murder/suicide, or two suicides. If you remember yesterday we reported that Carson Sheriff Ken Furlong stated that two American Indian women were found dead in Voltaire Canyon outside of Carson City this morning. The call came in around 8:30. Officers responding reported the women were apparently a victim of gunshot wounds. A weapon was found nearby. There was also a vehicle close to the scene, but it was not registered to either of the deceased.

We also told you that, although the area is outside of Tribal land, the Tribal Police will be assisting the Sheriff’s office.

Presently, police have decided to take a different approach towards analyzing the crime scene.

The names of the victims will be released after the next of kin have been notified. The Sheriff’s office said there will most likely be a news conference later today or tomorrow morning.

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