Mark Sanchez Likely Saw End of Career as Jets Make Switch

He Gets Worse

Mark Sanchez Likely Saw End of Career as Jets Make SwitchWeeks ago I wrote an article questioning the judgment of the New York Jets when they selected Mark Sanchez in the first round of the NFL draft to be their quarterback of the future.

If you remember, I was surprised they used their first draft choice to take a two year starter out of USC who had no credentials in college to prove he even had the possibility of becoming a top-rated NFL quarterback.

He excited New York fans when they made the playoffs for a couple of years early in his career. It went downhill from there.

Then management made the decision to add Tim Tebow to the team. Tebow doesn’t actually have a position on the team. No one knows what he does. All his addition accomplished was to increase Sanchez’ insecurity.

If you watched Monday Night Football this week, you most likely saw the end of a career. With an outside chance to return to the playoffs, playing Tennessee in Nashville, Sanchez was abysmal. He threw four interceptions, and at the end of the game fumbled a snap from center, recovered by the Titans, game over.

Coach Ryan has announced the team will switch to Greg McElroy in next Sunday’s game vs. the also disappointing San Diego Chargers. Both teams have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I believe that there are several teams that have to rethink both management and player changes in the coming year. Both of these two teams are among that group. Norv Turner has been given too many years in San Diego to take a team to the ultimate, a chance to win a Super Bowl. Ryan is too concerned with emotion and bravado to ever lead a team to a championship.

Other teams that are fodder for consideration of major changes are Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo, Miami, and Kansas City. I also believe that changes of assistant coaches are looming. The teams are many, including legendary and hall of fame candidates. Among the group one stands out.

Dick LeBeau, who is already in the Hall of Fame as a player, has lost his edge. No matter what you’ve done in the past, time eventually catches up with you. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the number one defense statistically in professional football. Sometimes statistics are an illusion. They are in the bottom third statistically in turnovers and quarterback sacks. They cannot get their defense off of the field on third down.

I know that LeBeau has some aging players. When these players were not in the line-up, the defense was better. Now don’t be angry with me too quickly all you Pittsburgh fans, because I am one as well. But the truth is that James Harrison is out of position too frequently on run plays, giving up too many yards. Troy Polamalu is sitting on the sidelines with an injury more often than he plays. When he is back on the field he makes many mistakes. It’s not easy to rejoin the game and perform to your former ability.

The same problems exist with the Ravens, San Diego, Kansas City, Minnesota, the New York Jets, and the Buffalo Bills, all who once had defenses feared by other teams.

More than in any other business, professional sports are forced to make changes in management with regularity. We mourn those who once helped lead our teams to glory. More than any other sport, professional football is a cruel venue. If coaches and players cannot adapt to an ever-changing game, someone must replace them.

The New York Jets need a major overhaul. Egos don’t win championships. Teams that have won multiple championships are part of organizations that do not tolerate “stars” or “primadonas”. They believe in the team concept, expecting each member to give 100%, 100% of the time.

Although the best of teams are consistent, injury and personnel problems often prevent a championship run. Organizations that erroneously expect miracles from coaches or players immediately are short-sighted and seldom fail to reach the pinnacle. That only happens in baseball, which, by the way, is not a true team sport.

James Turnage

New Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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  1. Derek Filson   December 27, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Comment: Greg McElroy will become a tremendous NFL qb! Sanchez is garbage…Let him go play in Seattle for his ex-coach who knew he was not NFL material.


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