Mark Sanchez never accomplished anything at USC, so why was he drafted so highly?

Mark Sanchez

By James Turnage:

Weeks ago I wrote that Mark Sanchez should not be a quarterback in professional football. Now many have joined in.

He never accomplished anything at USC, so why was he drafted so highly? He will eventually go the way of many other highly sought after college quarterbacks, some of which won the Heisman Trophy.

Professional football is too fast and furious for many players coming out of college. Many can never adapt to play on the professional level. And quarterback is the most difficult position to play professionally. Decisions must be made in a fraction of a second, and accuracy is paramount.

Let me offer one example other than Sanchez.

Carson Palmer was a Heisman Trophy winner and was one of USC’s most accomplished quarterbacks. After unimpressive years as a starter, in 2002 he was the best college player in the nation eventually leading USC to a victory over Iowa in the Orange Bowl. He was the first draft pick of the Cincinnati Bengals. He was not the starter in his rookie year of 2003, but became the Bengals quarterback in 2004. In 2010, after several injuries and mediocre success, he decided not to play, even though he had signed a contract, and the Bengals’ 2010 was centered around him being the starting quarterback.

Palmer decided he wanted to play again in 2011. He was signed by the Oakland Raiders. In 2012, he is quickly leading them to defeat, and has helped to establish them as one of the worst teams in football.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is a proud and stubborn man. He says he’s going to start Mark Sanchez again this Sunday. I know I’m only a dumb football fanatic, and I don’t know anything, but I think Ryan should be looking to the future. Sanchez is the past, or maybe he should be classified as “never was”.

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