Michigan, “right to work” state: Why is the Republican Party waging war on the middle class?

Do the Wealthy Need More Support?

By James Turage

10,000 protestors are expected to gather today in Michigan to voice their disapproval of a law being pushed through the state legislature by Republicans. The law will make Michigan a “right to work state”.

We live in a “right to work” state. What it really does is allow the state to become “union busters”. A “right to work” state can have unions, but they become completely ineffective. No union may have a “closed shop”, which means that if you work in an industry, you are not forced to join the union or pay dues. What it means is lower wages. (Ask anyone like myself who worked in the casino industry for minimum wage, and no increases).

I have one question. Why is the Republican Party waging war on the middle class? Are they angry because we voted for a President who wants the wealthy to pay their fair share for the privileges they have living in our country?

When, not if, thanks to Republican control of Michigan’s legislature, this law is passed, income levels for the middle class will decrease in their state.

If Republicans on the federal level are allowed to make changes in Medicare and Medicaid, health care costs in our country will rise. If Medicare eligibility is raised from 65 to 67, what will seniors, like me, do for 2 years? If we become sick, if we get cancer, we have to do what illegal aliens do now. We have to go to the hospital and be treated for free as charity patients. But before we can receive care, we’ll have to sell our homes and bankrupt ourselves to pay down the debt.

Republicans never talk about reducing the deficit by revamping the military, or eliminating lobbyists who work to create or keep existing programs which affect only special interests, and create “pork barrel” funding. There are U.S. military bases in over 36 countries, including Great Britain, Japan, and Germany. Closing the majority of these bases, that have no real purpose, would save billions of dollars. Eliminating lobbyists would eliminate unnecessary laws and force our legislature to deliberate laws that affect all of the citizens of our country, not just a select few.

A final question. Are all Republicans wealthy? There must be a few who work hard daily to support their families. Some of them must be like me. And, if that is true, why are they part of the right wing army that is waging war on themselves?

It’s time for all of America to take a hard look at the Republican Party and who really owns it.

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