No escaping the “fiscal cliff” with Boehner and McConnell protecting special interests.

Bait and Switch?

By James Turnage:

Orin Hatch and the other obstructionist members of Congress are out of their frigging minds. President Obama campaigned on continuing tax cuts for those who actually work in this country and pledged to return to the rates during the Clinton era. Remember how good things were then? Even the wealthy who are lobbying the right wing to spare them paying their fair share of taxes made record profits.

If all of the tax cuts are raised, it will be the Republicans who are responsible. After losing an election badly, I thought they might learn something. I was wrong again. It serves me right for being a “cockeyed optimist”, and believing our representatives would do the right thing instead of protecting special interests.

Let’s get past the press and the hype. Escaping the so called “fiscal cliff” must be done, immediately. When that is a deal, true tax reform must be attacked. If we are to survive economically, many issues must be discussed. Tax loopholes for the extremely wealthy need to be closed. Tax incentives for companies who ship jobs overseas must be removed. Subsidies to oil companies and corporate farms must be eliminated. A fair tax needs to be paid by every entity. Board of Directors of major corporations must pay their fair share and not hide their income within the corporate structure.

I so want to once again respect the G.O.P., but with leaders such as Boehner and McConnell it is impossible. You’ll still get your kickbacks from the corporations you represent thanks to the lobbyists you listen to. Do something that is the “right thing to do” for all of the American people at least once in your term of office.

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