San Francisco 49ers and the St. Louis Rams – Fun to watch

A Fan’s Game

By James Turnage:

On paper the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the St. Louis Rams appeared one sided. If you watched it, you know it was a great match and fun to see.

Both defenses were outstanding. Quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Colin Kaepernick had difficulty finding open receivers down field, and were harassed by the defense. Kaepernick was tackled once for a safety.

There were bad calls by the “professional referees” as well. The Rams were called for a personal foul when Quinn bumped into Kaepernick, and Kaepernick was called for intentional grounding when he threw the ball out of bounds at the line of scrimmage which resulted in the safety. Both were blatantly awful call by overpaid officials.

Crabtree, and Gore dropped passes, and Vernon Davis appeared to be going through the motions and not giving 100 percent. Kaepernick’s one major mistake of the day was on a toss play. Near their own end zone and with just over three minutes to play, Kaepernick tossed the ball backwards to Ted Ginn Jr. Instead of falling on it, he tried to pick it up. The Rams fell on it, untouched and went into the end zone for a touchdown. They made the two point conversion to tie the game at ten.

Kaepernick’s legs got the 49ers into field goal range allowing Akers to make a 33 yard field goal and put them ahead. The 49ers defense couldn’t hold the Rams who drove down the field and put their kicker, Zuerlien in position to tie with a 53 yarder.

In overtime, neither team was dominant. Akers missed a 51 yard attempt, but his counterpart was successful at 54. Final score 16-13.

The blame for this loss is on the 49ers offense. Kaepernick was not part of that blame. Oh, I know the “experts” who only read statistics and watch highlights will say otherwise, but I actually watched the entire game. The offensive line which is so highly rated by commentators and analysts couldn’t block effectively for Gore or Kaepernick. The Rams simply wanted the game more and put out 100% effort.

It was fun to watch, although the effort by San Francisco was questionable.

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