Police Shoot Michigan Man 46 Times, Saying He Had a Knife [CNN VIDEO]

Saginaw, Michigan.

CNN today released an amateur video of a police confrontation with a man in Saginaw Michigan that happened last July 1.

In this very graphic amateur video, police from Saginaw, Michigan are seen confronting Milton Hall, a supposedly mentally disturbed man, who had just had a confrontation with the convenience store clerk, and appeared to be wielding a knife. In the video you can hear them talking back and forth, as the police try to diffuse the situation.

You can clearly hear a woman police officer saying, “put the knife down.” At one point the police threaten to release a dog on Milton, which does not appear to affect him in the least, and when he turns and walks to his right the police opened fire on him.

More than 46 shots were fired by six policemen, at a man who appears to be walking in the other direction, away from the situation.

Friends and relatives of the victim want to know why the investigation has taken so long, and demonstrations at the police department have indicated that more than a few people are upset.

CNN had previously purchased this amateur home video, and is only releasing it today. CNN’s Jason Carroll is reporting.

The video is embedded here, and I have to warn you, viewer discretion is advised, as this video is very disturbing to say the least.

Jim Donahue

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