Roger Goodell is bad for the NFL

He’s Not Good For the Game

By James Turnage:

Now that former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has reversed the suspension of several New Orleans Saints, including Jonathan Vilma, let’s talk about Roger Goodell.

I firmly believe Goodell is bad for the NFL. He claims that his primary concern is player safety, and he may be sincere. But, he is inconsistent with his punishment of players. He may fine one player a relatively small amount of money, and another a much larger amount and a suspension. He lacks definition of what is a legal “hit” and what is not. He is trying to change the game, and that’s not a good idea. He is even considering elimination kick-offs which produce some of the most exciting moments in the sport.

The NFL is the most watched, most profitable sport in the world. I have always believed that “if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. The game could be safer with better equipment and better officiating. There are often calls of head to head contact within a game that are not intentional. The game is faster than the eye can often follow, and sh*t happens. Too often, even after slow motion review, the “professional” referees make incorrect calls. The Commissioner’s office should review those as they do the acts by the players and assess fines accordingly.

Injuries in football are inevitable, and sometimes tragic. Every player understands that, and has been taught how to protect themselves from pee-wee football, throughout high school, and college. The physicality of the game is what makes it exciting for fans. Leave it alone Commissioner. It is the greatest sport on the planet. If fans watched it solely for the violence, “ultimate fighting” would be the most watched “sport”.

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