Shorty Phresh, a fresh take on hip hop

Shorty Phresh, a fresh take on hip hop


Born in the bay but raised in Las Vegas, Shorty Phresh is on a quest to make herself and her music known throughout the hip hop and LGBT community. Shorty Phresh has what it takes to be a force to reckon with in the hip hop community. She doesn’t lack confidence or swagger and is in good company when it comes to femcees who are doing what they love and not losing their identity/soul in the process. Shorty Phresh is proud of who she is and her music proves it as she creates music that shows pride for the lesbian community. Still, don’t think that only lesbians can and should listen to her for she makes music that all can enjoy. So hold on to your judgement as Shorty Phresh gives you some music to bump too.

As an artist Shorty Phresh knows who she is and isn’t ashamed one bit to be herself as she shows that hip hop isn’t just for the boys. From being a member in the group Reign with her sister and close friend to becoming a solo artist and writing a jingle for the West Tennessee Examiner. Shorty Phresh has what it takes to go up with some of the best in hip hop. It’s just a matter of time of when hip hop will wake up and notice the likes of Shorty Phresh without wanting to change their appearance to fit “their” standards. Not every femcee is a Nicki Minaj or wants to be, and Shorty Phresh is one of those femcees. Not to diss Nicki but not every femcee wants to parade around in over the top or next to nothing attire while crafting pop sounding songs.

Shorty Phresh, a fresh take on hip hop

Femcees should not be judged based on what Nicki does or how she dresses just as male rappers don’t want to be judged based on what Jay-Z does but seen as having their own style and creating their own legacy. That’s what Shorty Phresh hopes to accomplish, she wants her fans to hear her music and accept her for own music and not based off another artists’ music or style. She has her own identity, style and isn’t afraid to show who she is. Something rappers today, male and female are afraid of because their sales are more important so they lose themselves in the quest to please these record labels.

Now off her success of her single “Girls,” Shorty Phresh has released her latest single an anthem for the lesbian community entitled “We can start an epidemic.” It’s an out and proud song but on a positive note as it gives lesbians a song to sing along too and be proud of instead of being closeted.
Download “We can start an epidemic,” for free at:

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Shorty Phresh, a fresh take on hip hop

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-Kelly J Newson

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