The New World Order, Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood

<h2>The Coming Dictatorship Part 2</h2>
Written/Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson

The New World Order, Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood Most won’t argue that both of the Bush Administrations were part of the New World Order (NWO.) So is Obama or so the NWO thinks. His allegiances are divided between them and the Muslim Brotherhood. BHO prefers the later.

The Keystone Pipeline
The NWO wants it – Obama doesn’t.
Despite what Pres. O said, he is under order from the Muslim Brotherhood to keep oil prices high and to keep America dependent on Muslim-Arab oil. That’s why Obama has refused and endlessly delayed the pipeline – not because of “environmental issues”. This hasn’t won him any friends in the NWO.

Debate 1-Forced to Lose
There is still no rational explanation from the President on his unbelievably bad performance during the first debate. Until now…
Obama lost the debate on purpose because the NWO told him to. Even our most arrogant President cannot get away with directly disobeying the NWO. There was serious discussion within the NWO on replacing Obama with Gov. Mitt Romney. That’s why during the debate, a sickly, ashen Obama staggered. Not even his most ardent fans at MSNBC could deny it. Thus, Romney’s popularity surged, tying with BHO. Some have commented that without Hurricane Sandy, BHO might have lost the election.
Now that Barack Obama has won re-election, he may think he can double-cross the NWO. Wait and see.

Obama’s Muslim Faith
Sometime before Pres. Obama’s second term is over, he will come out of the closet and announce that he is a Muslim. He has to. People reading this will disagree, saying, “Obama won’t admit he lied for all those years.” Some of you are still living in denial, either believing BHO is a Christian or a liberal agnostic.
This is what I believe…
Now that Obama first term is over, what has he got to lose? Promises were made. For years, the Arab-Muslim nations have been wondering and complaining, “When is Obama going to profess his true faith?”
Obama has given out many clues of his Muslim belief throughout the years.
1. Pres. Obama endorses the Ground-Zero Mosque. (Park 51.)
2. Pres. Obama announces that Israel must give back land they won in the 6-day war to the Palestinians.
3. Pres. Obama’s oath of office is redone without a Bible.
4. The United Nations and Obama try to pass a worldwide anti-blasphemy law, meaning that no one can say anything wrong against Islam. (Resolution 62/145.) Even Obama’s own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voted against it, citing the First Amendment. (Note: Iran has condemned the makers of “The Innocence of Muslim” film to death.)
5. Pres. Obama orders the State Dept. never to link the word “terrorism” with Islam. In public schools before 9/11 is discussed, a video of Obama explains that 9/11 had nothing to do with Muslims.
6. More information has been coming out over the years about “Dreams From My Father” (Obama’s autobiography.) The book is partially ghostwritten, contains composite characters and is mostly fictional. This hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from reporting it as fact.
7. Pres. Obama’s Apology Tour began in Egypt.
8. Pres. Obama has not set foot in Israel since becoming President.
9. The Obama Administration refuses to call Jerusalem an Israeli city and intends to give it to the Palestinians.
10. The Obama Administration outs Israel’s plans to bomb Iran in “Foreign Policy” magazine.
11. Pres. Obama returns a bust of Winston Churchill to England. (Churchill helped form the state of Israel.)
12. Hillary Clinton’s campaign photo outs Obama wearing a Muslim ceremonial robe and turban. (2006, Kenya.)
13. Pres. Obama fully backs the “Arab Spring” even after an angry mob rapes and nearly kills CBS reporter Lara Logan.
14. Pres. Obama backs and helps set up the government that will take over Egypt: the Muslim Brotherhood.
15. Pres. Obama’s official baptism papers (at age 27 from Trinity United Church of Christ, Rev. Jeremiah Wright) have never been made public. BHO claims this is “proof” of his Christianity. If so, why won’t he show these papers?
16. Unverified report: The Obama’s roll out their prayer rugs in the White House, praying their Muslim prayers three times a day.
17. Obama’s Kenyan and/or Indonesian family/relatives are all Muslim.
18. Obama was raised a Muslim.
19. Former friends of Obama describe him as a “devout Muslim” before he was married.
20. Obama’s passport records are sealed or missing.

“Keep Christ in Your Christmas”
There has been controversy this year from those in the media who deny there is a conspiracy to remove the Christian faith from Christmas. If so, I dare any of you to ask any child to bring a Bible to any public school and read from Luke 2 out loud in class: The First Christmas.
Also, I dare any of you limp wristed liberals to call “Ramadan” something else to a Muslim.
Merry Christmas from Eric Reports

7 Responses to "The New World Order, Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood"

  1. John   February 10, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Eyez need to be opened on that one

  2. didi sobe   July 9, 2013 at 3:06 am

    Satan mission never changed since from the creation of mankind . He remains the number one enermy to humans , devicing all kinds of methods to destroy ignorant human SOULS through false religions against JESUS CHRIST who is the only way to eternal life . Not only non christian churches are created by satan for this porpose ,there are also many churches claiming to be christian churches but are also under this agenda like the , Catholic church , Johover withness , lutherian and many many others . Any religion that disagree the Gospel and teaching of Christ or deny the fact that JESUS CHRIST is the Son of God who walked the Earth as a Human , preach the gospel to people about the mistery of God and was crucified and was raised from the dead after three days is created by satan to decieve and destroy as many SOULS as possible .

  3. mel   January 17, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Eyes need to be opened.

  4. mel   January 17, 2013 at 12:09 pm

  5. Joshua Shanholtz   December 20, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Yes, Those who follow the Koran have unique keys to Satan, and yes they want global Sharia law, but Do not forget, The Pope is one of the 7 heads This Dragon. Remember, Anyone who rejects Yeshua are already susceptible to the Antichrist spirit. Muslim/Jew/Catholic/Mormon/Jehovah’s Witnesses all BLASPHEME the Truth. Our ancestors gave blood that we may speak freely about Jesus Christ and now with a stroke of a pen that freedom is already gone 🙁

    • paul haight   January 30, 2013 at 7:01 am

      Joshua, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not blaspheme the Truth. They have the Truth! Their beliefs only come from the Bible and they are Christianity restored. They keep whole heartedly to Christ’s teachings. They are the only ones on earth who preach the Good News of the Kingdom throughout the whole inhabited earth.Matt. 24:14

  6. joan   December 19, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    The end times are here as stated in Daniel 7:25. so let the reader understand …This is only the beginning.

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