Tour bus crashes into Miami airport overpass; 2 dead, dozens injured

MIAMI, Florida — A tour bus has hit a bridge at Miami International Airport, killing 2 people and injuring more that two dozen passengers aboard, officials say.

A Miami International Airport spokesman Greg Chin says the bus was travelling at about 20 mph in the airport’s arrivals area when the accident occurred.

One person was pronounced dead at the scene, another critically injured was transported to a nearby hospital.

What we currently know is that a number of passengers are in critical condition or suffered minor injuries, according to NBC reported.

The bus can be described a large enough to have a double deck however, this one didn’t.

The tour bus hit the overpass going into the airport’s arrivals section on Saturday morning.

Chin said 32 people were on the bus, and all have some sort of injuries. The arrival area remained blocked off by fire trucks and police cars Saturday morning.

Miami-Dade police Lt. Rosanna Cordero-Stutz said the bus is privately owned and typically used for tours. It was not immediately clear where the bus was headed, but Cordero-Stutz said the driver was unfamiliar with the area and did not intend to wind up at the airport.

A bus was carrying more than 30 passengers when it hit a concrete overpass at the Airport.

According to witnesses, the bus was far too tall for the 8-foot-6-inch entrance to the arrivals area.

However, the driver was unaware of that he was supposed to go through the departures area, which has a higher ceiling.

Two large signs warn drivers of large vehicles not to enter beneath the concrete overpass. One attached to the top of the concrete barrier reads: “High Vehicle STOP Turn Left.” The other, placed to the left of the driveway several feet in front of the barrier, says all vehicles higher than the 8-foot-6 threshold must turn left.

Three people were at hospitals in critical condition. The other 27 passengers had been hurt, but their injuries were less extensive, authorities said.

The body of one dead passenger was pulled from the bus late Saturday morning; the second person died after being taken to a hospital.

Fire trucks and police cars swarmed the area Saturday morning, and the bus was blocked off by yellow police tape. A white cooler that had been filled with water bottles was on its side behind the bus, the front of which remained wedged beneath the overpass Saturday.

People arriving from their flights were peeking from their windows to get a view of the scene. On the first floor, in arrivals, the crashed white bus remained on site with the top missing over the driver’s seat. Shattered glass covered the floor.

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