We Are Still Here Today

But Be Prepared For the Next Disaster, Purchase Your Own Bunker for Only $3 Million

Survival Condo
Survival Condo

By Dawn Cranfield

We Are Still Here Today – But Be Prepared For the Next Disaster, Purchase Your Own Bunker for Only $3 Million

Larry Hall of Concordia, Kansas, an Engineer and Software Developer, has been renovating an old government missile silo for the past four years, turning it into luxury survival condominiums.  Hall theorizes “that given the present worldwide economic conditions, historical disaster evidence, and the obvious signs of global climate changes; that it is prudent to have a ‘disaster plan and shelter’ in place should a need for it occur.”  (survivalcondo.com)

The target completion date for the first silo containing seven condos was the predicted end of the world, December 21/2012, yesterday.  As scheduled, the extravagant, if not unusual homes, were indeed ready for occupancy; however, it was not the end of the world as we know it.

Hall opines that he does not just want the clichéd anti-government, commune-living, gun-toting, nut as portrayed in the movies.  This is a community built for the upper-echelon of our society with $3 million in spare pocket change; since banks will not lend on this type of project, he reminds potential buyers they must have enough liquid assets to cover the purchase.

So, what does money like that buy you in “somewhere in the middle of Kansas”?  For security purposes, the exact location of the underground bunker has been kept secret; only serious buyers who have passed background checks and some media personnel who have been granted interviews have been to the facility.

Full-floor units running $3 million are just over 1800 square feet; they feature 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and accommodate 6 to 10 people.  Half-floor units are just that, half; they cost $1.5 million, are 900 square feet; they feature 1 or 2 bedrooms, and can accommodate 3 to 5 people.  All units include high-end luxuries appliances, fixtures, and come furnished including LED Big Screen Televisions.

Other amenities include 25,000 gallon water tanks for each family, a 5 year supply of food per person, and unique “outdoor ‘simulated view’ window in each unit. Window simulates ‘Life-Like’ outdoor views complete with varying light levels that reflect time of day, creating a normal imagesliving experience as if you were above ground.” (survivalcondo.com)

Though, there is more to each one of these condos than just the unit itself; there is an entire mini-city underground.  Hall’s missile silo includes an extensive community plan, a microcosm of big city fun; there will be a dog walking park, rock climbing wall, indoor shooting range, bar and a lounge, and many other features.  In order to keep the city running smoothly, there will be a minor surgical center, dentist, and even a jail.

By now, I have watched no less than three news stories highlighting the silos, and have read the Press Releases and all of the information on the website; I am sitting here thinking, if I only had $3 million in spare change, would I buy one?

Then, the questions start to come; what if I made it to the shelter but the rest of my family could not make it in time, how would I feel about myself?  Who is going to tend bar, or serve me food in the restaurant; some of the other residents who paid $3 million to own a condo?  If so, do I have to tip?

Or will it be a mutant who comes and goes everyday through an escape hatch and risks bringing radiation or some other hazard down into our sanctuary?

Larry Hall
Larry Hall

If we are locked in here for 5 years, as we are undoubtedly prepared for, but somebody dies of a heart attack on the second day, what happens to the body?   What about births, and population control?  Is there a contract everybody must sign to guarantee they will not be procreating like rabbits in the event of boredom?

It is unlikely I am the first to ask these questions, so there are probably answers to all of them; and, while I do not have the liquid money it takes to purchase one (maybe if I sold a few things on Craigslist…), if you do, you can always check out the following link before the next upcoming disaster.





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