New Delhi Protests a sign democracy is dying

New Delhi Protests

A 23 year old woman was gang raped on a bus last Sunday the 16th of December. She was one of more than 600 this year. Saturday thousands of students joined in protest, and were met by dozens of police armed with bamboo batons, tear gas, and water cannons.

She was beaten so badly, shNew Delhi Protests a sign democracy is dyinge had to spend several days in intensive care in the hospital. Police said that she had recovered enough by Saturday to give a statement to the Magistrate from her hospital bed.

Some protestors attempted to break through police lines to get to the government district, the parliamentary grounds, and the presidential palace. Others held their fists in the air and chanted slogans. Signs read; “Hang them till Death”, “Stop the Shame”, and “We Want Justice”. One young woman whose leg was injured by a police baton said; “Today I have seen democracy dying”.

This protest was just the latest of many across the country. In the last 40 years, rape cases have risen almost an alarming 875%. In 1971, 2487 cases were reported. In 2011 the number reached 24,206.

Six suspects have been arrested for last Sunday’s assault, including the bus driver and a minor. Young women all over New Delhi have said that the city is not safe for women any longer.

The increase in attacks on women have prompted some lawmakers to suggest that rape become a capital crime.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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